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More dive pictures!

Part 2

We had a total of 7 dives during this trip, three in Pescador Island, so you won’t see seven different sets of pictures.  But here is more…

Turtle Bay Resort House Reef, Moalboal, Cebu

I was so excited to spot this turtle I wanted to scream!  We only saw one turtle on this dive but it made the whole trip worth it!


It really was gorgeous!


A Frogfish!  Can you see it?  Right in the middle of the coral, the white body laying there.  So easy to miss!


Karl posing next to one of the coral fans.


So pretty!


This whole time I’m thinking those balls were eggs, only to be told that they’re “bubble coral” (I doubt that’s the scientific name for it, so feel free to correct me).


A whole different world out there…


I love all the little sea slugs!


More bubble coral!


Pretty blue fish…


Another pretty, but solitary fish.


Ok, so I have no idea what the green thing is.


More cute sea slugs!


A sea cucumber!  (The size doesn’t translate well in pictures but it was around 1.5 feet long.)




Forgot what type of fish!  (I really need to buy a book…)


Starfish!  (It would not be fun to step on one of those…)


Part 3 to follow…



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A few more pictures of our dives!

Part 1

This whole past weekend was amazing, but left us exhausted.  After having our flight super-delayed by Cebu Pacific (the plane was still in Manila when we were supposed to be leaving Cebu), we got home late on Monday night and spent Tuesday as bums doing nothing.  I did manage to go through all my pictures and load them up on Facebook, because that’s what matters, right?

So I’ll give a full trip detail (spoiler:  this trip came out to be very expensive) soon, but for now more diving pictures.  The diving, by the way?  It was AMAZING.  I’ll upload the videos of a snake, an octopus, the sardine wall, the turtle swimming, the corals on you tube and post them here next, but for now, onto some of my favorite pictures (there were HUNDREDS to choose from, by the way…).

Marine Sanctuary, Moalboal, Cebu

Those black things?  Are a form of starfish even though they look like plants.


A pretty blue sea slug!


A starfish giving the finger!


I found Nemo!


These plants were amazing, how gracefully they moved underwater…


Another pretty sea slug!


Pescador Island, Moalboal, Cebu

This was our second trip there (pictures of the first trip here), and the sardine wall still doesn’t cease to amaze me…  (And OMG the poop!  Fish poop floating everywhere when the sardines were around.)



Lionfish!  (They weren’t too exciting at this point since we’ve seen so many of them.)


Do you know what that is?  An octopus!  Just wait until you see the video!



The blue starfish that I got so excited about in Batangas were everywhere here!


A sea catterpillar?  Ok, so obviously I don’t know everything I take a picture of.  But we saw these everywhere too.


Part 2 to come soon…


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A little preview…

Lots of pictures to come once we are back home, but for now a little preview of what we saw today…

Billions and billions of sardines at Pescador Island — when they said we’d see walls of sardines, they weren’t kidding!  (You can click on the pictures for a bigger view…)





And a turtle!  Spotting this cutie while diving right off the resort made my day!


If I wasn’t underwater I would have screamed with joy!  (And you can imagine how happy I was to get my camera before this trip!   And I got a video of all of it too!)


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Weightlifting update

(Hopefully by the time you read this, I’m on my way to Cebu!)

It’s been about a month, since I started doing the workouts on The New Rules of Lifting for Women, I have two more workouts left on the Stage One then it’s a “do as many as you can with your original weight” set and I move on to Stage Two.  So far, I have used dumbbells for everything since there are no barbells in my gym, and it’s going ok, except for a few setbacks. 

I haven’t seen any changes in my body yet, but I also know that it takes a while for muscle changes to show (specially when you’re overweight, and I am still carrying those stupid extra 20lbs around…)

Biggest improvement…  It should come at no surprise that I HATE doing lunges.  I mean, no one actually likes them, right?  So are we all in agreement that lunges suck?  Though my quads are strong (I don’t have thunder thighs for any reason – there’s a lot of muscle under that jiggle!), my hips are weak and pretty much every other muscle involved in doing lunges.  But I went from being able to use my bodyweight only for the first workout, to holding 20lbs on each hand. 

Along with that, the “step ups” are another thing that was a big improvement, from holding 15lb dumbbells to holding 30lbs on each hand.  (And I could probably do more if I had a barbell, but sadly I have a weak grip, and 30lbs is the most I can hold.)

The one bad thing about those two?  They cause my hip to flare up…  I used to think it was just running, and now I found out, nope, not just running makes it hurt…  But hopefully keeping it up will make the hip stronger in the long run.

Least improvement…  I have pretty weak shoulders, thanks to many volleyball injuries (I’ve had shoulder bursitis and shoulder impingements at different times – my overhand serve is badass and sometimes I get lots of aces in a row, but my shoulder suffers from it).  So it’s no surprise that the shoulder press is the one with the least improvement…  I started with 10lbs weighs that I bumped to 15lbs on my second workout and I’m still only using 15lb weights…  Don’t get me wrong, I have tried to use the 20lbs – at first I couldn’t even lift it individually over my shoulder (I can carry very heavy things, but lifting things over my shoulder is a whole different story).  Now I can get into position, but then my shoulder just stays there, paralyzed.  In other words…  Very weak shoulders with still not much improvement.  (Emily is a great example of how weightlifting does not bulk you up – she’s teeny tiny – and she can do shoulder presses with 25lbs in each hand, though it’s lower now that she’s pregnant.)

Most frustrating…  Definitely the squats.  Why?  After some creative maneuvering, I am now able to put a 30lb dumbbell on each shoulder (I have to move the dumbbells to the upper rack, put my foot up there, and put my elbow against my thigh so that I can lift those weights over my shoulder.  Fun times).  So I’m squatting with a total of 60lbs, but I’m not challenging myself as much as I do with the other workouts…  With this, I’m limited to only what I can lift over my shoulders and to my weak grip.  Had I had a squat rack and barbells, I could be using a lot more weight!

I’m not looking forward to Stage Two, which includes lots of planks and interval workouts…  But I’ve been pretty good at keeping this up 3 times a week (I think only once I ended up with only 2 workouts, and that was after 4 hours diving at the pool).

Has anyone else started on this book and making progress?  (I know Tyly was doing it too!)


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