Diagnosis: Weak Hips. Weak Core.

I finally went to the orthopedist here in Manila – Dr. George Canlas was recommended to me by a reader, and after a bit of research online, it seemed like the place to go.

I had to wait two weeks until he was back in town, then deal with a “first come, first serve” appointment (I got there at 12:30, for a 1:30 opening time, and I was the 6th in line.  Fun, fun).  The wait wasn’t too bad though (yay for my kindle!), and around 2pm I was seen.

The appointment didn’t take long.  He didn’t frown over my predicament and wonder what could it be like the two different doctors I saw in DC.

Within minutes he told me I had very weak hips, very weak core (which sadly doesn’t surprise me), and because of that my hip joint is rotating too much when I run, hence tugging at my IT band, and making the upper side of my hip hurt (which is where the IT band starts).

I’ll have to do physical therapy three times a week, for a month, to get my core and hips stronger (hopefully, along with the weightlifting I’ll be doing, I’ll get it strong enough).

The good news?  The consultation was 600 pesos (about 14 dollars), paid in cash.  In the US, even when I had a low copayment it wasn’t that little.  Heck, with insurance, my last consultation was still a good $300 out of my pocket, and I got no answers just a lot of “huh, the joint is not there, I don’t know what it could be.”

Now let’s hope his diagnosis is the right one, and this pain that’s been bugging me since my last run of 2010, will finally go away.


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10 responses to “Diagnosis: Weak Hips. Weak Core.

  1. wow… GREAT price! Jealous…
    Hopefully with the therapy you can get that core strengthened in no time!! 🙂

  2. Yay! I am happy they figured it out. I hope the PT helps!

  3. A running bud of mine had terrible IT issues last year. Doc said the same thing, weak core and glutes. She went to PT, and hired a personal trainer. Lots of squats and core work. She eased back into running and knock on wood…she is doing great. There is hope!!

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