Trips! Trips! Trips!

One of the great things about living in Manila is that we can take pretty affordable trips around the area!  Since we only have two years to explore, we plan on making the most of it!

We already went to Bohol, Hong Kong and Macau

This weekend, we’re off on a short weekend trip to Batangas to do this for the first time:


(Classes start today!)

At the end of the month we have booked a trip to Cebu…


And since we have labor day weekend coming up, we also booked a trip to Coron, in the middle of nowhere, where we’ll eat the food that was fished that day and take boat trips around the islands and go wreck diving…


For my birthday a couple of weeks later, we agree that I don’t need anything now, and decided to have an experience instead…  So we’re off to Subic to this place, so I can do this…


We’re making a weekend out of it, which might include ziplining or another diving experience.

October will not be outdone!  We’re off to Korea to visit both Seoul (where Karl lived for 4 years during his Army days) and Busan!


For November, Veterans Day weekend in the US means another holiday for us, and thanks to cheap tickets ($185 total for round trip tickets for the TWO of us!) we’re off to a 2-night stay in Taipei, Taiwan!


No trips (yet!) scheduled for December, but I already mentioned that January we’ll be busy with my parents visit, where we’ll go to Thailand to see Bangkok and Chiang Mai, we’re off to Siem Reap in Cambodia, and we even added a last minute addition (as our plane was stopping there anyway):  Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam!

Have you traveled much around in Southeast Asia or the Philippines?  Any place else you believe we MUST see? 

For future trips in the PI, we have Tagaytay, El Nido, Puerto Princesa, Boracay and Donsol on our list, just haven’t planned it yet!  We’re also hoping to hit Singapore at some point, and if we can find good flights, go over to Bali as well!


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6 responses to “Trips! Trips! Trips!

  1. Ellie

    For Bangkok, I really suggest you check out this show called Siam Niramit ( My friend raved about it when she came back and said I must see when I visit Thailand. I’m glad I took her advice because it was really awesome! When I went about two years ago, it was 1,200 baht (around 40 dollars) and came with a dinner buffet and transportation to and from our hotel. Outside the theatre, they recreated a traditional Thai village, which we unfortunately did not see because it was raining then. Also something to check out in Thailand: the Chatuchak weekend market, Wat Pho (the reclining buddha) and the other temples, Jim Thompson’s house, and try to go on a dinner cruise so you can see Thai landmarks at night. Make sure you get a massage! The two-hour massage we got was only about $8! And they pick you up from the hotel, too. For the other SE Asian countries and spots in PI, I should probably just email you as this is getting pretty long. =) Glad you’re enjoying your stay in Manila.

  2. Ellie

    Oh and for Cebu, make sure you try Zubuchon ( and ( They make lechon (roast pig). Anthony Bourdain calls it the best pig he’s ever had. I’m not sure if you guys are meat eaters, though. =)

  3. Al

    Excellent! Glad you guys are taking dive lessons! Please try Night Diving in Batangas, its gonna be a different world out there. Explore the depths of Coron (one of my favorites), I love wreck diving, try to pass thru one of the ships there, its going to be awesome. Don’t worry when I was an OPEN WATER diver, the dive masters here let me try Night Diving and Wrecks.

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