Nothing like a pool reward…

Yesterday, I went off to the treadmill with the plan of running 3 slow miles.  Instead, at mile 1 I knew it was not going to happen.  I was feeling like crap, my body was tired due to lack of sleep (thanks to Lily, who started sleeping on my pillow.  Fun times).  So I made a deal with myself of only running 1, then maybe walking the other 2.  Or even running 1 and going to the pool and running another 1 after I came back.

At the start of the walk, “Raise Your Glass” by Pink came on and that made me want to run.  So I ran another mile and a half putting it on repeat (yes, it seems that putting songs on repeat is what works for me…), sprinted the last quarter of a mile, and finally walked the last half mile.  All in all, it was 3 miles at a 12:36 average pace, including the last half mile walk.  Not too bad.

Today, since weightlifting was on the menu, I went for a quick mile (it’s still better than nothing, right?).  I finished it in 9:30 – not my fastest mile (this was my fastest mile, on the only time I attempted it), but definitely my fastest as of late (stupid 20lbs makes the running so much harder!).


After weightlifting, I was definitely sweaty, but it was worth it, as I had my reward in sight…  (No worries, I did rinse it off at the shower before going in!)


Ah, another super sunny day in Manila to make me all happy inside… 


What the pictures don’t show is that I spent the whole time reading a book on my kindle (yay for waterproof cases!) while getting my tan on!


I can get used to this life… 

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