So looks like I’ll be retiring my camera…

What does one do with a camera that though pretty beat up – it is a “tough” model after all! — still works great, but it’s being replaced by a newer model?


(And you know that missing screw on the bottom left side?  Been gone for well over a year, but never affected camera performance or its waterproofing…  It really is an awesome camera!)

If you’re wondering what type of camera I use for all those running pictures, now you know!  And I only dropped it while running once, and no harm done!

Because with our whole diving obsession (ACK!  I can’t talk about anything else this week!), buying an expensive underwater casing for my 4.5 years old camera sounded stupid.  So a new camera + underwater casing seemed the way to go.

After a lot of research online (the new olympus models don’t seem to have great reviews, even though I absolutely love the one I have), I ended up deciding on a Panasonic camera (I had an old Panasonic DSLR that took amazing pictures). 

I really really really wanted the orange model…


Isn’t it pretty?  Plus, if I ever drop it underwater, it would be super-easy to spot.  But Amazon was charging an extra $34 for the orange version (WTF, Amazon!), and after one hour debating whether it was worth an extra $34 for a freaking color (yes, it took me one hour…  yes, I liked the orange that much…), I decided that with that cost difference I could buy a new SD card instead (since my Olympus takes XD cards).  I mean, it’s not like I’m working nowadays and have extra money to spend on little things (my allowance only goes so far – that’s right, I get an allowance!). 

So in a couple of weeks, give or take (DPO can be super-slow sometimes), this should be arriving in my mail box…


(Yes, the blue is still pretty, but Karl’s camera is the same shade of blue, and for whatever reason, this color just doesn’t tug at my heart as much as the orange…)

I bought the camera, and the underwater case will be a birthday gift  as we are no longer swimming with dolphins, since Karl will be in Cebu that weekend for work, so I’ll be spending some time in Cebu instead, which works out perfectly, since my priorities have changed!  I’m telling you:  obsessed.

I’ll miss my little olympus camera, since it has taken one of the coolest pictures ever!  In 2008 I went to a friend’s wedding in Greece, and ended up hanging out with two of her British friends, and we had a blast taking underwater pictures.  The jellyfish photo-bombing this picture was a complete accident (and freaky enough that we got out of the water when we noticed that no, it wasn’t a big air bubble next to Russell’s head…  And if you’re wondering, yes, he got stung…).


Now what does one do with an old but still totally awesome camera?  (I foresee an email from my mom saying “I’ll take it!”)

Update:  After posting this, Amazon dropped the price for the orange model, now it’s only $24 more than the blue.  Apparently that makes a difference?  Because I might just switch the order to the orange one instead…


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9 responses to “So looks like I’ll be retiring my camera…

  1. I absolutely love that you get an allowance.

    As for what to do with the camera, I’m not sure if this would work from the Philippines but I’ve had good luck selling my old electronics through sites like Gazelle (or others – try a few to get several estimates). I’ve sold ipods, computers, and digital cameras. I haven’t gotten a lot of money, but it’s better than feeling guilty about throwing it out.

    • Yes, Karl research to an extreme what was the best way to handle one person not working, and it seems that giving an allowance is best (so there’s no fight as to how I spend my money, so I can buy pretty things, like a camera!).

      I have never heard of Gazelle, so I’ll look it up. I would definitely never throw it out though, and would rather give it as a gift to someone who has no camera than do that!

  2. Oh, also: if you want the orange, get the orange. Otherwise, every time you look at your camera you’ll wonder what could have been. Trust me.

    Signed, the girl who impatiently bought the blue camera that they had in stock at Best Buy rather than waiting to have the pink one she really wanted shipped to her

  3. i hope you got the orange. and i always keep old electronics around, just in case. but please note i’m not a packrat! please post diving pics once you get your underwater case. LOVE diving!

  4. Narra

    I love the allowance idea too! We need to initiate that plan here! Love the blog – and wish I could do more to ours…for your sake :).

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