B.o.B. posted about her Pogoball today (she wrote other things too, but once I read Pogoball my mind went all nostalgic).

And I KNEW I had a picture of my green and purple pogoball somewhere…

Of course, it’s a horrible picture from 1990 of my 10 year old self (yes, people, I’m old), where I’m dressed up as a crazy person for Brazilian Carnaval (no worries, I didn’t actually go out in public like this).


Did you have a pogoball too (what color?) or are we just dating ourselves with this crazy pogoball talk?  Remember how hard it was the first few times you tried to use it?


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7 responses to “Flashback!

  1. Masha

    so why do you have different colored shoes on?

  2. Frances

    I’m pretty sure mine was also purple and green, but with wild designs all over it. Thanks for the memory!

  3. I’ve never seen/heard of a pogo ball before!
    Which means one of two things:
    1. Because I was 13 when you were 10, I was too old for it (unlikely, since I had a younger brother and I love toys), or
    2. My parents didn’t love me (likely! – point in case, they never gave me a sit and spin despite how I desperately wanted one).

    • For whatever is worth, my grandfather gave me the pogoball, not my parents (he used to really spoil my brother and me, and my grandmother used to joke that it would be cheaper if he had a lover).

      But you never heard of it? OMG, it was awesome! You could jump on it for hours! (No wonder kids back then weren’t as fat as today!)

  4. I got a yellow and hot pink one for my 9th birthday in 1988!

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