I’m still doing the weightlifting and am finally at the stage where I do three sets of everything vs the two we start with.  I don’t feel stronger, even though I can lift a bit heavier now (being stuck to dumbbells suck, since my weak grip is what keeps me from using heavier weights), my body is also not changing, neither is my weight. 

Frustrating, as we did cut out the eating out during the week, we’re eating healthier now, I no longer order a yummy fruit juice every time we go out. 

And the running…  This week has not be a good week running-wise.  While last week was my highest mileage since I landed in Manila (a “whopping” 8 miles, isn’t that sad?), I have only been able to crank out 2 miles this week. 

Monday I was so exhausted after our diving weekend that I did nothing.  So then I lifted weights two days in a row to make up for the nothing and put me back on schedule (since we’ll be gone this Saturday for more diving).  I attempted a run on the treadmill after the weights and it was slow and painful, so I cut it at one mile (it was right after two consecutive days of workouts, after all). 

Today, I was convinced that if I went outside I could do at least 3 miles. I woke up not feeling too great after a bad night’s sleep, but heck, nothing like a run outside, right?

I ran one mile over to lunch to meet up with Christine, and I was done after that.  No running back home, no running around, I had a ride home and I took it.

Let’s hope I get my mojo back next week. 

On another note, my friend Cath is in the UK now – she needs your good vibes, by the way, as her mom mum is in critical condition in the hospital after a stroke.  Even if you don’t know Cath (I just realized I haven’t taken a picture with her yet!), send some good healthy thoughts her way.

In the meantime, I’ll be here blaming my exhaustion on diving, because, you know, it’s tough to breathe underwater and all that.  I mean, the air we breathe there is not even polluted.  I don’t think my body is used to that fancy clean air no more!

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