Quick video of our first dive!

Believe it or not, the dives got a LOT more exciting after this! 

Why should you watch this video?  My head looks like a cone with the lycra hoodie I got to keep my hair from tangling on my mask (yes, make fun of me, nothing like finding out you looked ridiculous after the fact), and the tropical fish are adorable!  Wish their colors would translate better in video, as they are amazing in person!

Feeding the fish at Dive & Trek in Batangas, Philippines

(The videos I’ve posted have been showing up tiny in google reader, not sure what’s the issue, but if it looks that way, just click on it to watch it on the blog. Oh, and if anyone knows of a solution for the google reader issue, please tell!)

Editing to say: nothing like complaining about something and having it show up just fine on the reader…  No idea why the other ones looked weird!


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7 responses to “Quick video of our first dive!

  1. Narra

    Amazing. So many fish!! I’m typically scared of the ocean, but that looks like something I’d be willing to try!

  2. missgelato5050

    what beautiful fish!

  3. Al

    The Cathedral….how I miss that place.

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