New Camera!

It’s here!

My new Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 camera arrived!

And sadly, I wasn’t able to get the orange camera…  The price had dropped the next day, so I canceled my previous order and ordered the orange one.  But then, I got an email back from Amazon saying they could not cancel the order before it was shipped.  And since I didn’t want to deal with returning things through DPO, while paying back shipping, I canceled the order for the orange.  Of course, I changed my mind later, but Amazon didn’t release the hold from my canceled order from my debit card until 5 days later (and it’s not like I’m flowing in moolah that I had enough to place a new order without the money being released), and by then there was no way the new one would arrive before our trip.  So I gave up.  Looks like the blue one is meant to be…

(Did I lose you already with all these details you didn’t really care about?)

But the blue camera, still not as good looking as the orange, but pretty enough, arrived today!  Along with the waterproof casing!  So we’re READY for our diving trip on the next two weekends!

I’ll have to get used to the much larger size compared to my old Olympus



And it’s even bigger with the diving case!



I even had some fun testing it out and taking a few pictures!




I don’t know what Karl was doing in this picture, but it cracks me up!




So far so good!  I love it!  And without trying, after dinner we tested its waterproofing when we got caught in a storm…



Fingers crossed it takes amazing underwater pictures!  I can’t wait to post about our diving adventure in Cebu!


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13 responses to “New Camera!

  1. Tor

    nice! now i’m envious… lol

  2. Nomads By Nature

    Looking forward to the awesome underwater adventures you will post!

  3. Al

    Damn! I love the orange one!

  4. So how does that water case thing work? The camera is not waterproof on its own, or does the case allow it to go even deeper? (sorry if you already explained all this!)

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