My baby is all grown up!

Guess who became a “lady” last week?




Remember when she was a tiny little 3lb thing?


Or even a tiny 4lb puppy?



Not only is she 3 times bigger now, but as of last week we have to keep her diapered when she’s indoors to avoid getting blood all over the place.  Fun times.  And yes, she hates it!

Between her having pneumonia when we got her, then getting skin allergies after moving to Manila, then that big scare last month, the vets all agreed that it was better to wait to spay her until she’s 100% healthy.

But that means that in the meantime, we need to deal with her having a period, with her hooha getting waaay to big to the point it makes us uncomfortable to look at her un-diapered (seriously, it looks like testicles), with her peeing every 2 seconds when we walk her, and with the extra interest of the male dogs (at least none of them can jump the fence and impregnate her, as it happened to my dog growing up).  And since none of the dogs here are spayed/neutered, there is quite a bit of interest her way…

On the bright side, she’s super cuddly nowadays.

I’m not going to lie, I’m still very scared about putting her through surgery in a few weeks (seems like we’ll have to wait at least 6 weeks until after she’s done with her heat before spaying her), but I’m looking forward to never having to deal with this again!


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2 responses to “My baby is all grown up!

  1. eek! the good part is she looks blissfully unaware.

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