A few more pictures of our dives!

Part 1

This whole past weekend was amazing, but left us exhausted.  After having our flight super-delayed by Cebu Pacific (the plane was still in Manila when we were supposed to be leaving Cebu), we got home late on Monday night and spent Tuesday as bums doing nothing.  I did manage to go through all my pictures and load them up on Facebook, because that’s what matters, right?

So I’ll give a full trip detail (spoiler:  this trip came out to be very expensive) soon, but for now more diving pictures.  The diving, by the way?  It was AMAZING.  I’ll upload the videos of a snake, an octopus, the sardine wall, the turtle swimming, the corals on you tube and post them here next, but for now, onto some of my favorite pictures (there were HUNDREDS to choose from, by the way…).

Marine Sanctuary, Moalboal, Cebu

Those black things?  Are a form of starfish even though they look like plants.


A pretty blue sea slug!


A starfish giving the finger!


I found Nemo!


These plants were amazing, how gracefully they moved underwater…


Another pretty sea slug!


Pescador Island, Moalboal, Cebu

This was our second trip there (pictures of the first trip here), and the sardine wall still doesn’t cease to amaze me…  (And OMG the poop!  Fish poop floating everywhere when the sardines were around.)



Lionfish!  (They weren’t too exciting at this point since we’ve seen so many of them.)


Do you know what that is?  An octopus!  Just wait until you see the video!



The blue starfish that I got so excited about in Batangas were everywhere here!


A sea catterpillar?  Ok, so obviously I don’t know everything I take a picture of.  But we saw these everywhere too.


Part 2 to come soon…


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10 responses to “A few more pictures of our dives!

  1. This so cool! I love the blue starfish!

  2. Nomads By Nature

    Have to say that the blue starfish is really awesome! I didn’t know they came in blue. Personally, I am so glad you gifted yourself that camera, blue or orange, so we get to see what you discover out there! I don’t think your color choice has kept you from enjoying it. On! On!

  3. Myra

    hey, I just happened to stumble on your blog just today and I’ve read how much you missed running…How about joining some local running group in your area? I used to run a lot before and was a part of adiNation of runners- BHS. Its a sort of running club organized by Adidas..Since your currently living in makati you can join the adiNation of runners-Ayala Tri chapter. check this out…http://takbo.ph/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=708:takboph-joins-the-adination-of-runners-philippines&catid=30&Itemid=100008

    • Thanks, Myra! I heard of this, but the time is not the best (7pm on Tuesday), but honestly, it’s the fact that I’ll have to show up and not know anyone that keeps me from going. And this may sound silly, but I’ve walked past them a few times, and it’s all Filipinos, not sure if I’d be welcome there being the only white person…

      • Myra

        I believed it’s open to anyone who have passions for running. We have an expat in BHS chapters just so you know. And it seems that he is having the time of his life running with fellow Filipino runners. 🙂

  4. These photos are great. The blue starfish is by far the best. I love them all. Thanks for sharing.

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