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So I woke up the last two days feeling like crap.  Looks like the lack of sleep earlier in the week caught up with me (blame it on finding out about GOMI and spending hours reading the forums – gosh there is a lot of crazy people out there that get paid to blog!  I feel kind of proud of myself that until this week, I had not heard of most of them).

Tomorrow I also have another day of no sleep by volunteering for the USEC’s bazaar (the United States Embassy Club – basically a collection of  charities in the Philippines, organized by volunteers from the US Embassy, once a year, they put up a bazaar as a fundraiser).  I’m there from 6:30 – 8:30am, and I really really hope I’m feeling better by then (don’t get me wrong, the 3 margaritas I managed to consume at dinner – life is hard – is not helping).

So Sunday?  It’s the 10k I’m nowhere near ready for.  But both my friend Cath (who has never run a 10k) and my new friend Mai Mai are running with me, with one goal in common:  not having to walk.

Wish us luck!


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Gadget Envy

Yes, today is one of those days where having no income is no fun, because I keep wanting to upgrade things I already have that work perfectly fine, they’re just not as pretty as they’re new updated version…

Remember earlier in the year when I got the Sony Walkman to review?  I still love it, and use it in solo runs, but yesterday when stopping by Tyly’s blog to give my suggestion that the walkman is better than the nano for running (no cords! No headphones popping out!), I visited Sony’s website and was faced with this…



Aaaaah!  SO PRETTY!

As a reminder, mine looks like this…



I want want want want the new one.  But mine still works great, is perfect, it’s just not pretty…  (Anyone wants to buy an used walkman from me?  40 bucks, it’s yours!)

And I love love love my kindle (yes, it’s a day of repeating words for emphasis).  I’ve read almost 40 books in it, since getting it in mid-January.  I even used to think it was pretty…


Until Amazon surprised me with THIS on my visit this morning…


So pretty!  Streamlined!  Silver!  AND it’s a kindle touch.  Not more pressing a button a hundred times to go down menu options. 


But like the walkman, my kindle works perfectly well, even if it’s not as pretty and modern.


Anyone else with gadget envy lately?  And isn’t the new walkman awesome looking?  (And no, I am not getting paid by sony!  I wish!!!)


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One of those days…

After the storm here finally let out, I no longer had an excuse not to run.  Ok, fine, I had no excuse yesterday either, since we have a treadmill at home, but I was busy doing nothing and staring out the window going “OMG, the wind!” and hanging out with Karl and Steph, who experienced her first typhoon during her short visit (she just left tonight).

This morning, my plan was to get a run in first thing, so Steph could have a day of pampering (and pampering we did!  pedicure + eyebrow threading (her first time!) + massage + facial + sushi!  I need visitors here more often).

I hopped on the treadmill, and within seconds I knew it was not going to be a good day.  No song *clicked* and made me tolerate running.   Today, running was SO hard.

Killing the 0.5 incline and changing the pace to a 12 min/mile pace made no difference in my perceived effort level, so I turned back the low incline and kept the pace a bit faster.  If it all sucks, might as well finish quicker.

I struggled, told myself I would quit at mile 2, so I just had to keep going for a little longer…  Of course by the time I got there, I figured might as well finish the whole run, so I sucked it up, and even ran the last mile faster (because going faster didn’t feel any worse than going slower, it really really really all sucked).

I finished 3 miles with an 11:16 average pace (which for these days, is actually good).

Tomorrow?  I better get one more run in, then I can finally say I’m somewhat ready for that Sunday 10k.

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Typhoon Nesat hits Manila

No kidding.

We’re 150 miles away from the eye of the typhoon, so I knew we would have some rain, and some flooding (I posted about flooding before), but I really wasn’t expecting the strong winds, and on a walk around the neighborhood when the rain took a break, there are trees down all around us.

At around 6am I woke up with a loud noise outside – it sounded like a car stuck in the snow, pressing on the gas pedal to get out.  I looked out of the window, saw no flood, noticed the power had gone off at some point and the AC was off, turned it back on, and went back to bed.  Then I realized it:  the noise?  That was the wind.

I checked my phone and there was no messages from Karl, who had already left for work, so it couldn’t be that bad right?

Well, it was bad.  It was this bad:

flood 1

(Picture credit totally not mine, these was taken by Keith Brown who was also on his way there, and who I never met – so hopefully he won’t mind me posting!)

For a more shocking account, check out this BBC video.  All the stuff they film?  In front of the Embassy.  Those strong waves?  About 50 feet from the Embassy’s door, flooding Roxas Boulevard.

The Embassy opens for business at 7:30am, Karl gets to the office around 6:30am (by choice, but he is not the only one who likes a quiet start, since entry-level consular officers do not get a FOB, and it’s his only chance to catch up with emails). 

The Embassy decided to close for business a little after 7:30am, when many people were already in there (the ones that weren’t had either taken liberal leave – authorized the day before, but Karl had no leave to spare – or were stuck in traffic or forced to turn around due to floods). 

To make things worse, it was decided that the local staff and officers would stay until the interviews of the visa applicants already inside the building were finished.  Talk about putting the lives of your staff, both American and Filipinos, and the lives of your applicants in danger.  Really?  There’s a typhoon outside, but let’s do visa interviews…

I had already told our driver to come back to Makati and go home, as our little Corolla cannot deal with water that high.  He made it home safe.  Our helper never made it this morning due to the weather (a good thing, as she might have gotten stuck here).

At around 9am, Karl called me “I don’t think I’m coming home tonight, there’s no way out of the building, the water is too high.”  They had finally stopped working – 1.5 hours after the Embassy had officially closed for business, and the officers that had come to work were finally allowed to go home, but there was no way out of the building.

As you can see from the pictures and the BBC video, he wasn’t kidding!

flood 2

At some point a shuttle parked near the Embassy so that some people could try going home.  Karl decided to hop on it, but others made the (probably smart) decision of staying behind (and they will likely stay at the Embassy for the night).  Because to get to the shuttle?  You had to walk through that water that was almost waist-high. 

Let’s keep in mind that the water you see above is a combination of overflowed sewage and Manila Bay water (which is polluted and literally full of garbage).  Karl and his coworkers could feel the debris (of who knows what) hitting their legs (you can check out Dustin’s account on his blog here, as he was right next to Karl).

When Karl got home, he removed his shoes, asked for me to put an old towel on the floor, so he could make his way to the bathroom without actually stepping on our floors, while screaming “don’t let Lily close to me, you don’t understand, I’m covered in feces!  I’m literally covered in human waste!”  He took an hour long shower, and hopefully he didn’t catch any weird bacteria. 

Next time I check out a typhoon alert online and go “it’s 150 miles away from us, I think we’ll be ok” please slap me.


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