Turtles and Sardines!

These are similar, but different enough…  Again, like the other videos I posted earlier today, they’re just a few seconds long. 

I love how graceful the turtle swims and how incredible the sardine wall is (pictures definitely don’t give it justice!).

This was from when we spotted our first turtle, before we swam closer to it.

Turtle Bay House Reef–Moalboal, Cebu

Then we caught up to it, look how gracefully it swims…  It just glides in the water…

Turtle Bay House Reef–Moalboal, Cebu

A whole different turtle on our last dive – this one just swam away from us, but it’s cool that you can see the remoras swimming underneath.

Turtle at Panagsama Beach, Moalboal, Cebu

And now for the sardines.  This thing is AMAZING.  Seriously worth watching!  Can you believe all that dark cloud is made of billions of sardines?

Sardine Wall–Pescador Island, Cebu


And this one you can see them moving about pretty well (they form that “hole” whenever someone shines a light, or if the air bubbles get close).

Sardine Wall 2–Pescador Island

And lastly, one video showing a whole different perspective, the sardines swimming by in shallow water.

Sardines–Pescador Island, Cebu

And these are all my underwater pictures and videos from the trip!  We’re off to Coron tomorrow, not coming back until Tuesday, so I might be quiet for the next few days.  (We’ll only go diving twice while we’re there, but to old Japanese shipwrecks.  This should be interesting…) 

I’ll post a little travel review of Moalboal, Cebu, soon!


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7 responses to “Turtles and Sardines!

  1. Laura

    Again – awesome videos! Did you take these with your new camera? I’ve only been diving once and these pictures and videos make me want to go now! Enjoy your trip to Coron!

  2. Laura

    I want to go diving again! I live in Maryland now – not the best place to go diving. At least I now know which camera to purchase when I travel somewhere to explore the ocean.

  3. I was choosing between Malapascua and Moal Boal and ended up at Malapascua. If I knew about the sardine wall there, I would have chosen Moal Boal. So jealous! 🙂

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