Videos of the dives!

You knew this was coming…  Along with the pictures, I got some great videos as well.

They’re all only a few seconds long, so it won’t take too long of your time and there’s no sound, except for the bubbles from our breath, so feel free to turn the sound off.

First, the whitetip reef shark in Batangas, from when we got our advanced certification.

Whitetip Reef Shark–Batangas, Philippines

Then the octopus!  There were two of them, the one swimming is great!

Octopus–Pescador Island

And a sea snake!!!  Totally cool!

Snake–Talisay Wall, Moalboal, Cebu

Another one from Talisay Wall, a sea worm (cucumber?) on the move!

Talisay Wall

And lastly, the coral reef as we were moving to shallow water on Talisay Wall as well…  This is the longest video at over a minute, and it was a big shaky at first, as I was trying to avoid filming Karl’s fins but I got the hang of it soon enough.  Beautiful huh?

Talisay Wall

More videos to come like the AMAZING sardine wall, and the turtle swimming.  They deserve a post of their own!

Anyone knows why my videos show up tiny on reader but fine on the site?  This is frustrating 😦


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3 responses to “Videos of the dives!

  1. Laura

    I love the videos – the last one was so relaxing that I felt like I was underwater with you.

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