I remember…

I have heard people saying that we should move on, get over it, it’s been years already…  But some of us experienced it first hand, and how can you forget the worst day of your life?

I choose not to describe it again, I don’t like going to that dark place, the one I found out still existed within me at an earlier scare this year (that thankfully turned out to be nothing), but last year at this time I posted my experience.

You can read it here:

09/11/01 – WTC – I was there

09/11/01 – WTC – I was there (Part II)


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4 responses to “I remember…

  1. I was running with Erin today and recommended she read these. Thanks for posting them and making them easier to find!

    I am running a Fort to Base race tomorrow – and am worried I will get all choked up. It’s been 10 years but it still brings tears to my eyes and I wasn’t even there!

  2. Amy

    Just now reading this and your previous accounts of 9/11. I ran the Run to Remember in Baltimore on 9/11/11. It was such an emotional day. I remember 9/11/01 like it was yesterday. My mom worked at 1 Liberty Plaza, and saw everything happen. She was one of the many running through the streets, trying desperately to get away. We did not know if she was dead or alive until very late that evening, as she was unable to get a call to go through. Her office was closed for months. She eventually returned to her office when they reopened, but she hated being there and quit her job not too long after. And she was never the same…she had a very hard time dealing with what she’d witnessed that day. We encouraged her to seek counseling, but she just could not bring herself to. She sadly turned to some bad lifestyle choices to deal with her pain, and she passed away in 2007.

    I ran my race in honor of all those that died that horrible day in 2001 and for all that lost themselves in the years that followed.

    • Yeah, my boyfriend (now ex) was never the same again, but luckily he didn’t turn into bad lifestyle choices, but just never found a reason for happiness again — he never thought he deserved it. When One Liberty Plaza reopened, he quit. He couldn’t deal with working on what was the morgue.

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