Red Monster

I kept up my word, and yesterday at 5pm, I met up with Mai Mai for our first run together!

The good?  Mai Mai is SUPER nice, we totally hit it off, and even started talking about training for a half marathon together (and to think I ran two earlier this year, and needed no training…  *sigh*).

The bad?  My endurance SUCKED.  Not only were we going super slow (totally my fault as I kept needing to slow down), but at some point I even needed to walk.  And this for less than 3 miles…  (I think we finished it at around 2.5 miles or so?  Not sure as I forgot to reset my Garmin.) 

But I had to keep reminding what I wrote just last week, that no matter how slow, right?  Plus, the heat and humidity combined with the double dose of benadryl (I waited until bedtime to take the other stronger meds) really knocked me out (I took a long nap before heading out).   Excuses, excuses, I know…

I finished the run and immediately got light headed.  Damn you benadryl!  Or was it lack of water?  Just in case, I popped a couple of endurolytes pills when I got home, drank plenty of water, and I’ll be careful until these hives settle and I’m done taking meds.

I knew something wasn’t right, but when I got home and looked at myself in the mirror it was confirmed…  Now, I always get red after a workout (blame it on my German heritage?), but I usually don’t get this red.  Because this?  Looks like a bad sunburn.



Thankfully, this didn’t scare off Mai Mai, and we’re still planning on future runs together! 


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2 responses to “Red Monster

  1. You weren’t red at all during our run! Thanks again for helping me get off the couch to run. Like I always say, slow run is better than no run!

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