And THAT was awkward…

So the helper was supposed to be here around 3pm to take care of Lily and Lucas while we’re gone (I leave for the airport at 2pm).

So needless to say, at 11:15am, as I strut out of the shower, butt naked (yes, not one towel or underwear in sight), and go into the other room to stuff something into my suitcase, I wasn’t expecting to hear a “Hi Mam!”

I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so hard in my life.

Well, at least now she knows that those hives really are THAT bad.

Onto less embarrassing news, I got a 3.5 mile run with Mai Mai again today (you could read more about it on her blog!  She even got a picture taken!).  I was exhausted, it was hot and muggy, and I was super slow (yes, more than usual…).  I took a couple of breaks to walk after the first 2 miles, but overall, not too bad all things considered!

Now excuse me, while I go compose myself of the almost heart attack I just endured.  20 minutes after being caught naked at home, my heart still hasn’t settled down.  One more reason to up the cardio…

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