Running on vacation!

No crap, I actually ran while we were in Cebu! 

I knew I HAD to get a 3 mile run in, and though I was again faced with a treadmill in kilometers, I still decided to suck it up and go by how I feel (even if I have no idea what my pace truly was, my guess is:  slow).

The gym was waaaay nicer than what I have in my building, with a lot more equipment, personal TV on each of the cardio equipment and a view of the resort grounds. 

Tomorrow?  Meeting up with Mai Mai again to crank up 5 miles on the streets of Makati.  Wish me luck – the 10k is already next weekend, and I’m no more ready for it today than I was when I first signed up for it a week ago.   Ooops.


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2 responses to “Running on vacation!

  1. Now Carla, you and I both know that 5k is just barely over 3 miles… Good for you, getting it done even on vacation!

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