One of those days…

After the storm here finally let out, I no longer had an excuse not to run.  Ok, fine, I had no excuse yesterday either, since we have a treadmill at home, but I was busy doing nothing and staring out the window going “OMG, the wind!” and hanging out with Karl and Steph, who experienced her first typhoon during her short visit (she just left tonight).

This morning, my plan was to get a run in first thing, so Steph could have a day of pampering (and pampering we did!  pedicure + eyebrow threading (her first time!) + massage + facial + sushi!  I need visitors here more often).

I hopped on the treadmill, and within seconds I knew it was not going to be a good day.  No song *clicked* and made me tolerate running.   Today, running was SO hard.

Killing the 0.5 incline and changing the pace to a 12 min/mile pace made no difference in my perceived effort level, so I turned back the low incline and kept the pace a bit faster.  If it all sucks, might as well finish quicker.

I struggled, told myself I would quit at mile 2, so I just had to keep going for a little longer…  Of course by the time I got there, I figured might as well finish the whole run, so I sucked it up, and even ran the last mile faster (because going faster didn’t feel any worse than going slower, it really really really all sucked).

I finished 3 miles with an 11:16 average pace (which for these days, is actually good).

Tomorrow?  I better get one more run in, then I can finally say I’m somewhat ready for that Sunday 10k.

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