Gadget Envy

Yes, today is one of those days where having no income is no fun, because I keep wanting to upgrade things I already have that work perfectly fine, they’re just not as pretty as they’re new updated version…

Remember earlier in the year when I got the Sony Walkman to review?  I still love it, and use it in solo runs, but yesterday when stopping by Tyly’s blog to give my suggestion that the walkman is better than the nano for running (no cords! No headphones popping out!), I visited Sony’s website and was faced with this…



Aaaaah!  SO PRETTY!

As a reminder, mine looks like this…



I want want want want the new one.  But mine still works great, is perfect, it’s just not pretty…  (Anyone wants to buy an used walkman from me?  40 bucks, it’s yours!)

And I love love love my kindle (yes, it’s a day of repeating words for emphasis).  I’ve read almost 40 books in it, since getting it in mid-January.  I even used to think it was pretty…


Until Amazon surprised me with THIS on my visit this morning…


So pretty!  Streamlined!  Silver!  AND it’s a kindle touch.  Not more pressing a button a hundred times to go down menu options. 


But like the walkman, my kindle works perfectly well, even if it’s not as pretty and modern.


Anyone else with gadget envy lately?  And isn’t the new walkman awesome looking?  (And no, I am not getting paid by sony!  I wish!!!)


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2 responses to “Gadget Envy

  1. I TOTALLY feel you on the Kindle!!! Mine works just fine, but I REALLY want the new one!!!!

    I love how that white Walkman looks! I’ll definitely look into it once my rediscovered Nano craps out!

  2. I am so with you on the Kindle! I am trying oh so hard not to pre-order the Touch. But it looks like the redesign addresses all of my previous complaints (which were few), especially organizing/sorting books. Stay strong! I may do the same…

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