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Massages, Massages, Massages

Have I mentioned one of the great advantages of living in Manila?

Affordable massages!

For the equivalent of $12, for a non-fancy place, to $30 for a very fancy spa, I can have anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half massage.

And the massages here?  Absolutely amazing.  Better than anything I’ve had in the US.  (To be honest, I’ve only been to Massage Envy in the US, and some therapists were better than others.  If you’re going to the one in Potomac Yard, ask for Jae – best massage I’ve had stateside.)

So Saturday after my 5 mile run, Karl and I made our way to Lotus Massage, the cheap place nearby that has massages for $12.


I go there a lot for foot massages ($8/hour), but rarely for a full body.  Definitely not a fancy spot, but relaxing (and cheap!) nonetheless. I got a Filipino Hilot massage, and they almost broke me.

It was awesome.

Sunday, it was time to go to The Spa, after months away, and try their version of the same massage.  I am entertaining a guest from DC after all, so I must show her all the good massage spots, no?  I mean, it’s only fair…

The Spa definitely does not have my favorite masseuses.  The massages are nice, but not incredible.  The Hilot was relaxing, but my muscles didn’t get the work out they got the day before (it was actually a good thing in this case, but if it had been my only massage this week, I would have been disappointed).

The Spa is the most expensive spot I’ve tried (it was $27 for the one hour of the Hilot), but unarguably, the best atmosphere in town.


Monday, I showed Steph my favorite massage spot, QiWellness.  (She’s here from Sunday-Wednesday, and my goal is to get her to have a massage every day – she’ll still spend less than a massage in DC + tip.)  They don’t have the same fancy atmosphere as The Spa, but the quality of their massages definitely makes it worth it!


I usually get either their vitality (deep pressure with stretches) or their tranquility (suuuuper relaxing) massages.  Once in a while I throw the hot stone into the mix.  You get 1.5 hours in heaven for only $23 (or $31 if you’re going for the hot stone).

I can’t recommend them enough – not only the massages are the best I’ve ever had, but their customer service is exceptional.  They know who I am.  And not just because they see me once a week, but they’ve known me since my first visit.  It’s just small enough that they’ll remember you after the first visit.

How the hell will I get back to real life once we leave Manila?  And if you’ve been here, what is your favorite massage spa?


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5 Mile Run–Check!

Saturday I woke up butt early thanks to Mai Mai who wanted to get a run in at a little after 6am.  I haven’t woken up that early for a training run since I was marathon training last year, and I was in a completely different mindset then.  This morning?  I was just not feeling it.  At all.

I managed to get out the door on time, hating Mai Mai a bit (it’s ok to say this, she knows), and off we went. 

Surprisingly, despite my overall crappiness when we started, the run felt good.  I wouldn’t go as far as to call it easy, but it was definitely the easiest run I’ve had outdoors in Manila.  It was as if all of a sudden my body remembered what it is to run and not have to take a break.  We were out there for an hour, working up a sweat in an easy run.  The weather helped, of course, since the sun never made an appearance, so it wasn’t as hot as it’s been lately.

Also, it seems that lately when I run, I like to talk about running.   You know, reminiscing about old times when I used to consider myself a runner?  “This and that race” “This marathon”  “those shoes”  “that medal”  I really really hope I didn’t bore her to death!  I’ll try to be more interesting in the future!

The good news?  I can totally run the 10k this weekend.  Will it be pretty?  Heck no!  Also, I know there’s absolutely no chance of a PR.  Heck, it might even be a personal worst!  But can I run the whole thing, even if slow, and not have to walk?  After this last run, I’m confident that’s a YES

Bring it on!


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Running on vacation!

No crap, I actually ran while we were in Cebu! 

I knew I HAD to get a 3 mile run in, and though I was again faced with a treadmill in kilometers, I still decided to suck it up and go by how I feel (even if I have no idea what my pace truly was, my guess is:  slow).

The gym was waaaay nicer than what I have in my building, with a lot more equipment, personal TV on each of the cardio equipment and a view of the resort grounds. 

Tomorrow?  Meeting up with Mai Mai again to crank up 5 miles on the streets of Makati.  Wish me luck – the 10k is already next weekend, and I’m no more ready for it today than I was when I first signed up for it a week ago.   Ooops.


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Just because it’s spam…

…doesn’t mean it isn’t funny! has a pretty good spam filter.  Rarely things get through without being caught by their filter first.  I usually delete all that mumbo jumbo, because it’s a bother, it never has to do with anything I write. 

But last week, I decided to save the most interesting ones (minus the spam links), and I might even make this a habit! 

For your entertainment, four very unedited (because really, how could you even edit this?) spam comments…

“Aw, this has been an incredibly good post. Throughout approach I have to make a note of similar to this in addition ?¡ìC taking time and also specific work for making an outstanding article?- nevertheless what / things I really say?- I really hesitate many and positively possibly not find a way to get something executed.”

“I just now squeeze hyperlink of your respective site on my small Zynga Structure. excellent site of course.”

“I really expected to crank out everyone Just one chunk of expression so that you can eventually claim thanks the second again together with the special recommendations you will have brought at this time. This is merely really good along to develop without restraint just what largest part of united states probably have advertised to have an orite tutorial in making many gain for their own end, predominantly considering that simply can have ended that in the occasion it suited you. The ideas within includeition did wonders to change out over benefit you method to notice that other individuals have got identical eagerness a lot like our private personal to understand incredibly a lot further affiliated to this build a.”

“Good post you have induced here! The web is awash of terrible authorship and I was grabbed by your limpidity. Your conclusions are exact and I will straightaway subscribe to your rss feed to remain up to date along with your up future day postings. Yes! I acknowledge it, your publishing style is remarkable and i ought to improve on mine unquestionably.”

Tomorrow, expect my usual induced posts for your Zynga structure! 


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