And… There’s no 10k…

Please be informed that the Avon Race to 125,000 Kisses will be postponed to next Sunday, October 9, due to the PAGASA weather alert on Typhoon Quiel.

I just received the email above. 

Obviously, after the typhoon this week everyone is being extra careful.  And my race has been moved to next Sunday (I was finally starting to feel ready for it, damn it!). 

And guess who will be in Korea next Sunday?

Yep, that would be us.  (Don’t get me wrong, I rather be in Korea – my first time – than running a 10k.  But still…)

So the 10k that wasn’t…  First race I have registered for that I won’t be running (heck, I ran my last 10k with the flu, so it’s big deal that I’m missing this!).

Though I would be upset if it was canceled for nothing, I really hope we don’t have the kind of weather we had earlier this week, as enough people have been affected by this last bout of flooding, and the main embassy building won’t reopen until Tuesday, as is.  I can’t even imagine if more floods come our way.

Wish us luck weather-wise, and wish Cath and Mai Mai luck on the race next Sunday – I’m hoping to introduce them this week and they can kick some 10k ass without me! 

Update:  I woke up at 7:30am with the sun shining on my face, despite the blinds being down.  Yep, we could have run the race with no issues, it was bright and sunny then.  We had rain mixed with sunshine all day, but at no point it was windy, or there was strong rain – not even a storm (and we get quite a few of those this season, even without typhoons looming around).  We even took Lily to play at the park.  I’m so sad I didn’t get to run the 10k.

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