Now this makes me SO happy!

3.5 years ago, my friend Tomas was walking in Glover Park with his wife and dogs when a tree branch fell from a rotten tree and landed right on her.  This was not a little branch…  She ripped her kidney and broke her back, and if it he wasn’t there, she might not have gotten to the hospital in time and would likely not have survived, seeing there was no one else around. 

There wasn’t bad weather, but there were winds and an ignored rotten tree (that should have been cut ages before), right along side a marked trail.  It was the perfect example of a freak accident.   One with devastating consequences.

She had to go through numerous surgeries to reconstruct her back, and the doctors at first weren’t even sure if she would ever get to walk again. 

Tomas is very athletic and one of the sweetest guys I know.  He has always played sports, and in the last few years he has being completing the Nation’s Tri in DC.  Lenka, his wife, who DID walk again (a miracle on its own) always wanted to at least be able to run – she had conquered so much already after her recovery, but being able to run was a different challenge altogether. 

While most days I bitch and moan about running, I have a perfectly healthy body – no excuses.  What Lenka’s body lacked in ability after the accident, she made up for with an enormous heart and determination.  I remember talking to her about it, a year or so ago, and she had no idea if she was ever capable of running again, because when she attempted it, it was hard.  Too hard.  But she never gave up.

And this weekend?  I saw this picture on their facebook page…


It literally brought tears to my eyes. 

After overcoming so much, she has achieved something huge:  she successfully ran her first race.

If this doesn’t make you super-happy I don’t know what does.  She’s truly an inspiration!

Congrats to Lenka for competing her first race!  And to Tomas, for being her strength, back when she didn’t have strength of her own.  Look how far she’s come!


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11 responses to “Now this makes me SO happy!

  1. So happy for the good outcome! So important to never take for granted all of our abilities….great post!

  2. What a beautiful story!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  3. Thanks for making me a giant weeping ball of goo.

    Congrats Lenka!

  4. Yeaaah! It really is incrediable what the human mind, spirit and body can do altogether! 🙂

  5. Lenka

    Carla, thank you so much for writting this post! It means the world to me. It also brought tears to my eyes but happy tears 🙂 You, my family, friends and especially Tomas have made this possible. He is the true hero!!! I love you all.

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