Back in Manila!

I’m back from Korea, as of yesterday!  I had a great time, but also caught a bad cold that I’m still recovering from (it was cold there, damn it!). 

Hopefully tomorrow I’m back to normal and can post updates – of our trip to Korea, of my brand new doctor-supervised diet (thank god for the Philippines and cheaper health care!), and hopefully back to running soon, since I didn’t do crap while in Korea, just ate a lot of Korean barbecue (and even Brazilian BBQ too!).

Until then, please send over some good thoughts to Tyly, who’s been going through a really rough time.

And on a lighter note, please contact those folks at Nike to consider Tracy as their new sponsored athlete.  I mean, she has a good point.

We’re a bit traveled out now, 8 days away from home and I was missing my babies like crazy!  Next trips?  Taipei in a little less than a month (it was a really really good deal), then Guam in December.  If all goes well, I should be arriving in Guam as a Brazilian citizen, and leaving as an American citizen – well, technically, I’ll have triple nationality:  US, Brazilian and Portuguese.  How cool is that?


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2 responses to “Back in Manila!

  1. Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it, because I truly believe the more thoughts and prayers, the better off I am. It means a lot to know I’m thought of.

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