Spam that makes me go What!?

See my first installment of funny spams here

This time not as funny as the first time around, but still entertaining!

“Off topic but very interesting template. Would you mind giving me name of template ? Btw i searched on google “temizlik sirketleri antalya” and found myself here in a way :)

“I am glad that i found this web site through my search “google reklam ver”

(Now copying these two comments better not give me some weird google search traffic.  Maybe those words mean porn in another language?)

“Hello there you big blog owner!How are you? It’s good to know that you are still around this website. Did you had problems with Google during the last update? I took a look at your current rankings for this blog post and it seems that it’s all well for now! If there will be any problems be sure to get back to me, always loved your style Bye-Bye :*”

(Nothing like asking about a google update on a wordpress blog!  But I like being called “big blog owner” because really, that’s what I am.  Of course.)

“I was reading something else regarding this on another blog. Interesting, your position on it is diametrically opposed to what I read earlier. I’m still reflecting over the opposite points of view, but I’m tipped heavily toward yours. And no matter, that’s what is so super about contemporary democracy and the marketplace of thoughts online.”

(As a comment to this post.  Yep, about how happy I was my friend’s wife can run after her accident.)

“We’re a gaggle of offers also gate a unprecedented plan in our neighborhood. Your net position offered us along costly info to portraits on. You’ve finished a impressive chore also our perfect purlieu strength be thankful to you.”

And if you’re wondering, still not feeling too great today…  I really better upload those Korea photos already!


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2 responses to “Spam that makes me go What!?

  1. HA! These crack me up! “You big blog owner!” Seriously!?!

    Hope that you are feeling better soon!

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