Your opinion?

One thing that was very odd in Korea, was how men are portrayed by the media.  I didn’t think of snapping photos until our last day, then the rain put a damper in my plans, but I was able to catch two pictures of ads you see all over the place. 



Yes, both of those are pictures of men.  I should have snapped the one where the guy had foundation on his fingers (he was selling male makeup).  And in case you were wondering, yes, this is targeted to, and meant to be, straight men.

Am I the only one who sees something a tad odd with these ads?  (And seriously, not one buff macho-looking men to be seen in any of the billboards/posters/ads.) 


Edited to add:  I should note, that Korean men had the Justin Bieber cut WAY before he ever shown up.  Maybe that’s where his stylists got the idea from?


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6 responses to “Your opinion?

  1. The Koren men that I’ve met and know aren’t exactly “buff” or macho looking. 🙂 Male make-up…a tad weird. But I guess, why should women have all the fun? Funny cultural difference though in how men are portrayed!

  2. Jessica

    Apparently, androgyny is their answer to hipster? I’ve seen both of these faces before – I think they’re kind of big-deal soap-opera heartthrob types over there. In the one show I saw (Boys Before Flowers, if you’re curious), the show still very much reinforced the patriarchal nature of Korean society, despite the lack of Marlboro-men types.

    • Interesting that it reinforced the patriarchal nature of it! It’s funny because the older generation, does NOT look like that, and it seems that men portrayed this way started with the whole K-pop phenomenon. (The Korean version of boy-bands, synchronized dancing and all.)

  3. Chad

    I guess you still haven’t heard the term “flower boys”- pertaining to males with pretty, not handsome, but pretty faces. It’s the current trend now in Korea, Japan and even China. It’s now even slowly reaching other part of Asia, Europe, and Central America. Basically, the more doll like feature you have the “more attractive” you are. It doesn’t mean that they eschew the buff macho-type male image but big rippling muscles is kinda unsightly to them. They lean more on a very well toned physique.
    And they are not just endorsing make up line for men, they are actually endorsing make up line for male and female… pretty interesting huh?
    Oh, guys on the pictures are Kim Hyun Joong (actor/singer) and Soong Joong Ki (actor). That picture of Kim Hyun Joong is actually pretty ordinary when you compare it with his other promotional pictures/album covers.

    • I had never heard of that term, but super-interesting! I didn’t even know it was spreading to outside of Asia! Yikes! I personally like men with muscles instead of doll features, so I definitely don’t support this trend.

      Thanks for the info!

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