Cannot believe I’m posting again today

But I made a decision…

New blog name? 

Carla Runs the World

Thank you everyone who participated!

Jen, shoot me an email at irunyourungroup @ gmail  (still need to update this part) with your address so I can send you a surprise your way (I’m a huge procrastinator, so it might take a few weeks.  Plus, DPO is slow, yeah, let’s blame it on that!).

For those of you who feel like it, update your readers to – the old link should still be working for a while though.

Now, is it worth going for a self-hosted blog?  It seems like there’s a lot more flexibility on that, but of course, that means money (though let’s face, I can afford $3.99/month) and a lot of complicated installations.  Anyone has experience with it?  Yay or nay in each of it?

Now let me work on updating a few things around the blog, it might take a while (again, procrastination-queen here), but I should start updating the looks of it to reflect the new title a bit more!


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4 responses to “Cannot believe I’m posting again today

  1. Lenka

    Carla, looking forward to seeing your new blog!

  2. Liz

    I like the new name!

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