Korea! Seoul!

We had a wonderful time in Seoul!  I arrived with a major migraine, but by the time night came around, it had gotten better (with the help of a Korean pharmacy).

Not only we caught up with our friends Ken and Mary Ellen, but we got to explore Karl’s old stomping grounds.  Mary Ellen and Ken moved to Korea a little over a year ago, also through the State Department (their next stop is Chennai, India).  I’ve known Mary Ellen since 2005, and even got to attend their gorgeous wedding in Greece, back in 2008!  And since arriving in Korea, they had a new addition to the family…


Seoul’s weather wasn’t as nice as Busan.  It was cold and we got two full days of rain.  But I still got to explore quite a bit (due to the haze, I never got to visit Seoul Tower, however).

I didn’t take nearly as many pictures, because who wants to take pictures of rain? 






This red bean thing was delicious!





Uh, yes, that is a huge bottle of beer.  And yes, he drank it all…



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4 responses to “Korea! Seoul!

  1. You guys sure are taking advantage seeing things while living abroad! How do you get up the courage to try unusual foods? My stomach is sensitive so I have trouble branching out.

    • Most of the food is amazing, but I don’t try things that in theory would gross me out (like those intestine looking sea-things I took pictures of at the market on my post last week), because I’m not nearly as adventurous.

      But let just say eating that sweet red bean dessert was delicious, but the after effects were the same as beans do!

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