Marine Corps Marathon!

And I’m jealous.  Super super jealous!

I had such a great experience at the Marine Corps Marathon last year, and just knew I’d be running it again this year, except life had different plans and we’re in Manila instead.

I love it here, but I really wish tickets to DC were not a small fortune – I would have signed up, and forced myself to run, be it on the treadmill or during typhoons, and I would be joining my amazing friends in DC for the race.

So I’m jealous.  And sad. 

Sad that I can no longer bust 20 miles on a Saturday morning, sad that I won’t be sharing this experience this year, sad that I’m missing an amazing race and I won’t be collecting yet another medal.  It’s weird the things that makes you sad, but this truly makes me sad. 

But just because I’m sad and jealous, doesn’t mean I’m not here, from halfway across the world, cheering on my friends, the many other bloggers who are running it, and all the other 35,000 runners that will be kicking some ass this weekend!  Good luck to all of you!

Marine Corps Marathon:  maybe I’ll see you again in 2013?  Pretty please?  (And you DC people better put it in your calendar, you are training with me!)

Good luck to all of you running this weekend!  And when the uniformed marine slips the medal around your neck, tell me that is not much better than grabbing one from a random volunteer…  And for those of you blogging, I’ll be stalking your race reports, no joke.  Until then, beat the bridge and have fun!


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4 responses to “Marine Corps Marathon!

  1. Do they have many marathons there?

    Even though I did not want to do Chicago again this year (and am happy I didn’t) I was sad on opening registration day!

    Do you read Kandi Land ( She is running MCM too.

    • Not often… They have a ton of races but not many marathons, and when they do have marathons, it’s very small (like 500 people), and a lot of time because they can’t close the streets, you’re running along cars and/or doing loops. So not exciting… I thought about doing one in Singapore, but that still means finding a place here where I can do 20 miles…

      I don’t read Kandi Land, but I’ll check her out! Love getting new recommendations for blogs!

  2. Heather C

    I was in your boat last year – totally understand! I wanted to be here so badly – maybe next year? 🙂 Thanks for the shout-out!

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