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Two Finalists!

I asked around on Facebook but not everyone who replied actually read this corner of the world.  No one like mine “The World is my Running Path” suggestion, so we’re down to two names.

Thanks everyone who gave great suggestions for blog names!  My favorite blog name/tagline is actually not a finalist, it was my friend Jess’ suggestion of “No Stone Left Unturned” with the tagline “Running over them, swimming under them, no matter where in the word they might be!”  but the domain is not available (or its variation of “”), and I really prefer a .com address, so at the end I decided in two names where there was no tagline needed.  Anyway, please vote on the two finalists:

“Where in the World is Carla?”  (suggested by Christina)


“Carla Runs the World” (suggested by both my friend Frances and Jen, who doesn’t have a blog but is training for her first 10k, so wish her luck!)

People on facebook thought that “Carla Runs the World” was a clear winner, but some also suggested that the second one sounds like a Beyonce song, but apparently I’m out of date with my pop song references, as I have no idea what song that is.  I definitely don’t want to name my blog after a Beyonce song though!  (Nothing against Beyonce, but come on!  As soon as the song gets overplayed, won’t people will look at my blog and roll their eyes?)

With that said, what is your vote?  (And does the second one makes you think of Beyonce?)


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Korea! Seoul!

We had a wonderful time in Seoul!  I arrived with a major migraine, but by the time night came around, it had gotten better (with the help of a Korean pharmacy).

Not only we caught up with our friends Ken and Mary Ellen, but we got to explore Karl’s old stomping grounds.  Mary Ellen and Ken moved to Korea a little over a year ago, also through the State Department (their next stop is Chennai, India).  I’ve known Mary Ellen since 2005, and even got to attend their gorgeous wedding in Greece, back in 2008!  And since arriving in Korea, they had a new addition to the family…


Seoul’s weather wasn’t as nice as Busan.  It was cold and we got two full days of rain.  But I still got to explore quite a bit (due to the haze, I never got to visit Seoul Tower, however).

I didn’t take nearly as many pictures, because who wants to take pictures of rain? 






This red bean thing was delicious!





Uh, yes, that is a huge bottle of beer.  And yes, he drank it all…



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And I caved!

I admit that I still don’t get the appeal.  But facebook has been boring me lately, and Tracy finally pushed me over the edge:  it’s time I joined


And so, if you’re there and you like to follow the complete mess I’ll be over the next few days (weeks?) trying to figure this whole twitter thing out (yes, I know that makes me sound like your grandma, I assure you I am not her), find me here:  WhereIsCarla.

(And do you know how hard it is to find a name that hasn’t already been taken when you join the trend a few years too late?  Yeah, no fun.)


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Am I still a marathoner?

Some days I question if I can still call myself a runner, but I certainly don’t feel like a marathoner anymore…

It was over a year ago today that I crossed the finish line of my first marathon


(Are you sick of seeing this picture already?  Because, sorry, but I’m not!  It’s still my favorite race picture ever!)

And this coming weekend it’ll be a year since I crossed the finish line of my second, and last, marathon…


And since then, I’ve run a couple of half marathons, but even that seems like a whole world away.  Because it was – it was on my old life, back in DC, where I had a wonderful group to run with, all my runs consisted of outdoor runs with company, and my Saturday morning routine was getting a long run in, instead of sleeping in and going to the farmer’s market.

I still hope I’ll get to run another marathon someday (maybe MCM again in 2013 – I WILL be back in DC for that and I am still in love with that marathon), but when my longest run in Manila has been 5 miles, while struggling, I feel far from a marathoner.  But I hope to be there someday again.

So you can imagine my surprise when this arrived on the mail…


From Lesley!  With a sweet note to boot!


“Thought maybe this would give you a little running pick-me-up!  You are strong…  Believe you still have that 26.2 in you!  Lesley”

Now isn’t that the sweetest surprise?  (I had no clue it was coming!  She had asked for my DPO address, but I didn’t give much thought to it!)

And the shirt?  Super cute!  And COMFORTABLE!  (Yes, it’s a bathroom picture!  Staying classy in Manila…)


And though my sports bra totally peaks out from it, just one more thing to color coordinate before a run, no?


(No idea why this picture came out so grainy…  I think I should have turned the mirror lights off because the camera got totally confused…)

So Lesley thinks I can run another marathon, and I still hope I can!  I need more motivation and more goals, but I hope that little by little, I can at least call myself a runner again…

What is the best surprise you’ve ever got in the mail?

And don’t forget to help me pick a new blog name in this post!  You can win some Manila goodies!


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