And I gave Running Skirts another chance. Verdict: FAIL. Again.

Exactly a year and a half ago, I posted a very honest review of the Running Skirts brand.

Now, due to my inability to wear my Skirts Sports skirts (they still fit, but because the shorts are now tighter on my legs, it makes them look extra cellulitey – yes I’m making up words today — and I refuse to buy a bigger size, I want to fit into my old ones, and look good while I’m doing it, damn it).

Running Skirts shorts are a lot looser (probably the reason they rode up my crotch so quickly), and since I heard some people recommending to get a smaller size to solve that issue, I figured even though I haven’t changed clothing sizes, my thighs are definitely extra-ginormous, so I could wear my old skirt (which I have NOT touched since I first tried them) and hope my newly acquired thigh size did the trick.  After all, everyone seems to love them on the blog world, even though the material is a lot lower quality than the Skirts Sports one (which are great quality).

But yeah, sadly, they were just as horrible as the first time.  Except the extra junk in the trunk also caused the skirt to ride up too!  Even the waist part rode up, making it go from a low rise to a high rise.  I failed to get a picture of it pre-run, but it was nice enough that even looked flattering, and I would be ok leaving the house with it.

Luckily, it was a treadmill run with no witnesses, but since I have no shame, I took pictures (bathroom pictures too, because I’m classy like that) – this is how it looked like after 0.75 miles (yes, not even a full mile with them…)


High up and super-super short.  I mean, this is booty shorts length.

This was after adjusting it a few times during the run, because it was just so damn uncomfortable, but I didn’t adjust it post-run so you could see the full effect.  Can you tell how high up they are on the waist?  And how super short it is?  The built in shorts are gathered up on my crotch (I will spare you that image, you can thank me later).

The back view is even worse.  You can tell that lots of material gathered between the butt and the waist, and the waist went up super high.  At the right angle you’d be able to see my butt (or if I had straighten it up in front of the mirror).


So sadly, I still have these two pieces of junk in my running closet, with nothing to use them for.  (Wanna buy them?)

My original review still stands, as in horrible quality, horrible fit, and unless you’re a tiny skinny woman like the owners of the brand, this will not be good for you.  (If your thighs never touch and you’re super skinny, this might be a good fit for you, as you can get away with just buying the one with no built-in shorts, then there will be nothing riding up your crotch.)


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19 responses to “And I gave Running Skirts another chance. Verdict: FAIL. Again.

  1. So weird. I wouldn’t say I *love* them (I hate the pockets, hate them), but I wore my red one for Marine Corps and might wear it for NYCM this weekend. I still prefer the SkirtSports skirts, but they chafe my sides ever-so-slightly where the pockets hit and the Running Skirt does not.

  2. mm

    Running Skirts was the first brand of running skirts I ever tried and it actually turned me off skirts completely. The one I got was WAY too tight in the thighs/hips while being too loose in the waist, so it was pretty slutty-looking in the back (as in, I wouldn’t be seen in public wearing it), and rode up like crazy. I agree you pretty much have to have a stick-straight “boy-shaped” body to wear them. Glad to hear I’m not the only person who hated them and that there are some better skirts out there!

    • Yes, try the Skirts Sports! They are awesome and don’t ride up! Plus having the pockets on the shorts instead of the skirt, makes it for a much more flattering fit (and the slits on the side help too!). And they’re quality beats that of Running Skirts!

  3. I am a recent running skirt convert. I love my Team Sparkle skirt because I can wear my normal running shorts underneath. It’s hard to wear a short that’s already attached to the skirt because it’s not the shorts I’m used to. I wear my favorite compression shorts and my Team Sparkle skirt over. Love getting the extra attention too. Good luck in your search.

    • Yes, I looked into the Team Sparkle stuff! They’re cute, but my shorts are longer than the skirt, and it would just look odd. I hope I can lose the weight and fit into Skirts Sports again! I know I sound like a commercial (they should start paying me to say these things, damn it!), but they really are amazing!

      Team Sparkle looks like much more of a day-of-race outfit than an everyday thing, no?

  4. Ah, I’m so glad I’m not the only person who hates products. I got a pair of their arm warmers and they were so stiff, I couldn’t bend my arms once I got them in. I was so sad when I had to return them. So many people love their skirts and I really wanted one (I’m a lemming) so I found one at an end of summer sale at a local running store and only paid like $11 for it. Thank goodness. It’s the same crappy material and it rides up constantly! I didn’t even get out of my house in it. I’m glad I’m not the only one that think this. 🙂
    PS. Sorry my first comment on your blog is such a rage fest. I’m not always like this. Suze from Running Around the World recommended your blog and I’ve been lurking!

    • Hahaha, lots of my first comment in blogs tend to be rage fest!

      Have you tried Skirts Sports? They’re the only ones I found that didn’t ride up. Athleta Chase Skorts also rode up, though the quality was better than running skirts, so I use them for walking around even though they don’t work well for running — I got the “tall” size so the shorts/skirts were longer, as people recommended, but it still rides up if I attempt to run with them.

      But running skirts? The most overrated product ever!

  5. Hi Carla –
    You should try our new improved fit. The skirt in your photos is from 4 seasons ago…the new improved athletic skirts are cut roomier, run true to size and are made with longer inseam compression shorts that fit with more compression and don’t ride up. Please give us a call and we can help get you in the new improved version. 760.230.8187

    • The two skirts I got I paid full price for (they were not on sale), and after wearing it for the first time, I was highly disappointed, emailed customer service right away (as I had another order on the way prior to trying mine) and never heard a reply back. When the new order arrived, the skirt had a pencil-eraser size hole on the lycra, I returned it pointing out the defect, and didn’t even get a refund for my shipping, when the item had arrived damaged.

      I’m sorry, but I refuse to spend another $50+ on a company that ignores their customers. I found a product I like (skirts sports), and their customer service has always been responsive, and I’m giving them my money instead. I’m definitely not spending more money on a product when I have wasted so much money already on it.

  6. I have a skirt from but I got it as a race premium. It is the kind with the mesh underwear and not shorts. I don’t hate the skirt but I can’t wear it for long runs due to the chafing issues. I just remember to use body glide whenever I wear it and try to keep my runs under 5 miles while wearing it. I don’t think I’d pay $50-$70 for another one though. Luckily the race I got mine at was only a $20 fee.

    • Yeah, I can imagine the no-shorts thing would do a number on my thighs (they touch!). I gave up trying them, and going to stick to the brand I like — I may sound repetitive, but I never had issue with skirts sports (aside from gaining too much weight to be able to properly wear the ones I already own…)

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  8. clee965

    awesome, awesome review and EXACTLY how i feel about the brand. i have booty and thighs and i’m a marathoner, i jump out of planes, i do tough mudders….and yet, i CANNOT find a damn running skirt that fits me right. thanks for the awesome reivew!

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