Furniture Shuffle

What does one do when they’re stuck in Manila for a 4-day weekend and everyone else is out of town?

After watching way too much TV (we had to catch up on season 4 of True Blood, after all), I decided to move some furniture around and see if it would work better for us. 

Karl didn’t notice it right away.  Yes, he went to walk Lily, came back up, everything was in a different place and when I asked “what do you think?” his reply was “about what?” – it took a couple of “don’t you notice anything different?” for him to notice what I was talking about.  Once he did notice, he said he absolutely prefers this setup.  At first I found it weird (there is no good place for the ottoman, but I don’t want to not have it in front of the chairs either, for comfort reasons), but it’s growing on me!

Of course, I realized I didn’t actually take any pictures of how it was laid out before (and I’m too lazy to move things around just for a before shot), so I grabbed a couple of screenshots from my home tour video (I still don’t know why I talked so freaking much during that), hence the crappy quality:

Home 1

Home 3

And here’s the after pictures (different angles, I know…)





It sections off the dining/living area a bit more, which I don’t love, but it’s also more suited for entertainment, since it creates a bit of an U, instead of the long layout before.

The “reading nook” (which we never use) looks a bit lonely now with just one chair.  The little square footrest we had there had to be moved to the bedroom, as Lily can’t jump on the bed, and it was getting old having to lift her up now that she’s heavier (you can no longer do the one handed scoop while lying down).  If only there was a Target here for me to buy something suitable…


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5 responses to “Furniture Shuffle

  1. I like the new set up! For the reading nook (not that you were asking for suggestions…), have you thought about putting the chair at an angle in the corner? Then you could work the lamp and the small table around it as appropriate? Would that help make it feel like “lonely”?

  2. Narra

    Love the new layout! I’m always trying to think of ways to improve things around here too. One question – did you bring all your own furniture? Or do you have slip covers? If you’ve used/use slip covers, could you recommend any?

    • We have a mixture of ours and the embassy. Dining set, bed, futon and bookcases: ours. Everything else (the other bed, couches, sidetables, etc) is from the embassy. We bought slipcovers for the couch (they were a light creamy color, not that ugly, but not good for people with pets! Plus I’m a spiller too!). The slipcovers were custom made here, by this woman that has been doing this for Embassy people for years (so much so, she had all the measurements on file, she just had to see the couches in person to know which one it was). They’re washable and removable, so hopefully we can use them after Manila!

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