Lily is Pregnant!

No, not really.  But she thinks she is.

Last Thursday, we finally took her to get spayed, after being delayed because of her skin issues and later because a blood test showed low-platelets.  After supplements, she was finally ready.

She didn’t do too well on surgery and Friday spent the morning in pain.  She didn’t want to eat, and we had to give the pain reliever with food, so the vet stopped by to force feed her some canned food with a massive syringe, and then she was fine after taking the meds.

Too fine, that is.  She went back to her jumping, running around all over the place self in no time.  Though she does hate her e-collar…


By Saturday night she was carrying her ugly rubber chicken with her everywhere and whimpering loudly the whole time. 

By Monday morning, it had not improved, so the vet was back (by the way, have I mentioned how amazing it is that a home visit from the vet costs $12?).  As soon as I lifted her up to show him her swollen belly, milk came out of her nipples.

Are you KIDDING me?

So she’s going through an imaginary pregnancy right now, whimpering and carrying her stupid rubber chicken everywhere with her, as if it was a puppy. 


Couldn’t she have chosen a better looking toy to be her puppy?


To make things worse, all her legs are covered up with flaky scabs on Sunday as well.  A fungal infection, maybe?  Who knows, we’re still waiting for the results.  But the stress from surgery probably lowered her immunity and definitely brought something up.


Honestly, this whole thing made me question the benefits of spaying.  It’s more of a convenience for me (not having to deal with bloody diapers once or twice a year) than a benefit to her.  Sure it reduces the chance for some kind of cancers – but give me a break, organs are being removed, if I removed mine, it would reduce chances of cancers on me too.

If I’m a responsible dog owner, that never leaves her pet unattended unless locked inside the house, why is spaying necessary?  I started to think it’s actually inhumane, done for the benefit of the owners, not the pets.  She’s went through such a hard time, I thought I might lose her (I kept checking if she was still breathing as she was so lethargic), and I don’t think I’d do it again if I knew.  I still believe in neutering (it’s just a snip, snip and done), but spaying is such an invasive surgery!

Plus, her acting all pregnant now is also heartbreaking.  Am I being too sensitive?  I don’t know.  Spaying is definitely a cultural thing, much more common in the US than other countries.  (People look at us as if we’re crazy when we say she went through surgery so she can’t have puppies.) 

What is your take on it?  I feel like I caused my baby pain just for my own convenience, nor hers.


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4 responses to “Lily is Pregnant!

  1. Aww poor Lily. 😦 I kinda agree with your point – if you’re going to be a responsible dog owner and not let your dog run amuck, perhaps sitting out on the spaying is ok since it’s so invasive. I hope she feels better soon!

    • Today has been a week from surgery, and she’s still not 100%. I still feel horrible putting her through that. And her skin had such a weird reaction (to the stress, maybe?) that we’ll probably still be dealing with it, after the stitches are gone.

  2. I got my Delilah (Basset Hound) spayed before she was a year old. She is the first female dog I’ve ever owned and was really not anxious to deal with her getting her period. She had mites when she was a puppy and I had to wait until she was a bit older than I had planned but she didn’t really have any side affects from the surgery. She didn’t even have to wear an e-collar because she never acknowledged that she had staples in her belly.
    Aside from the fact that I didn’t want to deal with diapers, I also knew first-hand what it was like to have a male dog while a female dog down the street was in heat. The mutt we had while I was growing up went CRAZY over the female down the street. He would jump our 4 foot tall chain-link fence and he learned how to open our screen door!! We had to take him to get neutered just to keep him under control! I didn’t want to deal with these issues with my female dog so I figured it was easier to just get her fixed.

    • My dog growing up wasn’t spayed, and though we did have a 6 foot fence that didn’t keep a male dog out, later we just let her be indoors, going outside only under supervision or on walks and I don’t remember ever having problems. We’ll see how she does in the long term, but short term I would never put a dog through that much pain again…

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