I ventured outdoors!

Remember when ALL my runs were outdoors?  A year would pass by in between treadmill runs!  Even the snow didn’t stop me from going outside or the massive heat in DC.

Nowadays, I can go outside, battle traffic, crowded sidewalks and stoplights, or I can hop on the treadmill the next room over.  Well, if you’ve been following along, you know the treadmill has been winning.

Though I still prefer running outside any day over the treadmill, I love running with company, and alone the treadmill is just more convenient (I miss those DC trails.  Am I getting too repetitive?  I bet I am).

So when recently-moved-just-had-a-baby-but-is-still-in-super-shape Jenny asked if I wanted to run with her, of COURSE I said yes!

And after waking up super early in the morning, instantly hating her for putting me through that, we made our way around Makati.

I was struggling (my last run outside had been with Mai Mai, a month and a half ago), but Jenny was super patient with my slow ass.  Garmin still wasn’t accurate, even at the Ayala park where it’s clear of buildings, but it looks like we were able to get 3 (slow) miles in.

I hate holding people back, but I know is just a matter of time (even if it might be a long time) until I can do short runs at a 10 min/mile pace again.  But if I don’t keep on running, I’ll never get there, right?

So far I had Mai Mai being super patient with my slowness (but I think she has given up on me, since our last run was my last outdoor run) and Jenny.  Anyone else wants to slowly jog around the streets of Makati?


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2 responses to “I ventured outdoors!

  1. One of these days I’ll make it back to Manila and see my birthplace – but as it stands now, I’ll just have to live vicariously through you and your outdoor runs! And no worries about being “slow”.. I’m slower than you at any distance, so you have that going for you! I think the best thing here is that you’re keeping on keeping on! How do you deal with the garmin situation? do you go home and map out the number of miles on mapmyrun or something?

    • Yep, I go home and map the route. It gets quite tiring, and sometimes I don’t remember exactly what I did, since it’s not a straight trail and a lot of loops 😦

      You should come to Manila! We have plenty of space (weird inviting a stranger to stay here? Whatever it’s a new running buddy!), and I can show you around!

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