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Have you heard of Graston Technique, also called i-Smart, also called Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization?

A couple of weeks ago my feet started hurting.  Not my usual plantar fasciitis crap, but at times, the whole bottom of my feet would hurt.  In Taipei the pain was excruciating.

Then I found out that our (super expensive) insurance covers acupuncture.  So I made myself an appointment, explained my issues, and was told that acupuncture wouldn’t be the solution, the Graston Technique should be used instead (and I swear I heard it “Aggression Technique” at first, which would have been totally accurate).

And I’d like to say that I’ve never been in so much pain in my life, but the 2nd degree burns I got on my leg a couple of years ago take that spot (and let’s hope it stays that way), but lets just say this Graston stuff was close. 

What is it? 

Well basically they use this curved metal of death and rub it in the spots that are tight, and where they find bumps from scar tissues on your ligaments/tendons/muscles. 


If this sounds like a massage, don’t kid yourself.  Even though it was a rubbing motion, it felt like I was being beat with a hammer.  By a very angry person.

In my case, there were a TON of those spots on my lower legs around the calves (not surprised there), a few next to my achilles tendon, and of course a bunch at the bottom of my foot.  You would think the bottom of the foot, the source of pain, would be the worst part, no?  But you’d be wrong.  Those spots on my legs?  HURT LIKE A @#@$#$%#!  In an “I need a towel to bite on” sort of hurt.  Or “can we please have anesthesia first?” type of thing.

And she even mentioned she was taking it easy today, just to loosen things up, and she will really use true force next time.  I would be surprised if I have no bruises up and down my legs as is.

On Friday, I’m meant to go for my next appointment.  I’m already dreading the thing.  But whether this works or not, I don’t know yet, but I should be able to tell after the 3rd treatment.  But my calves felt looser and lighter walking out of there for sure.  Probably because the beating had ended.


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Off to the beach!

Yes, another trip.  Again.  Didn’t I just come back from a trip this Sunday? 

Yup.  I did. 

And now I’m off to the beach!  Yay!

This time, you can blame it on my friend Liz, who is visiting from DC, and made the itinerary herself.  So instead of hopping to another Asian country, we’re staying right in the Philippines, visiting spots like these in El Nido


And after a few days there (at a resort called Golden Monkey – where they have ACTUAL monkeys!  And you can PLAY with them!!!), where we will be going on boat rides, hopefully get some diving done, then we will take an 8 hour bus ride (her idea, believe me) to Puerto Princesa, where we will take a trip to their famous underground river…


Before making our way back to Manila.  I’ll be gone for a week, so things may be quiet around these parts (unless I manage to schedule a few posts ahead of time).

This will be the only trip I’ve taken without Karl since we got hitched (actually, it may be the only trip ever, since even when I went to Brazil without him, he joined me a week later), and I probably won’t have any cellphone service there.  Fingers crossed the husband, the puppy and the kitty all behave themselves.  (They usually do, though we all know the troublemaker of this family is the puppy, who will be celebrating her first birthday two days after I get back.)

I promise to take lots of pictures!  (Even though I haven’t posted any non-diving pictures from Coron yet.  Ooops.)


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I ventured outdoors!

Remember when ALL my runs were outdoors?  A year would pass by in between treadmill runs!  Even the snow didn’t stop me from going outside or the massive heat in DC.

Nowadays, I can go outside, battle traffic, crowded sidewalks and stoplights, or I can hop on the treadmill the next room over.  Well, if you’ve been following along, you know the treadmill has been winning.

Though I still prefer running outside any day over the treadmill, I love running with company, and alone the treadmill is just more convenient (I miss those DC trails.  Am I getting too repetitive?  I bet I am).

So when recently-moved-just-had-a-baby-but-is-still-in-super-shape Jenny asked if I wanted to run with her, of COURSE I said yes!

And after waking up super early in the morning, instantly hating her for putting me through that, we made our way around Makati.

I was struggling (my last run outside had been with Mai Mai, a month and a half ago), but Jenny was super patient with my slow ass.  Garmin still wasn’t accurate, even at the Ayala park where it’s clear of buildings, but it looks like we were able to get 3 (slow) miles in.

I hate holding people back, but I know is just a matter of time (even if it might be a long time) until I can do short runs at a 10 min/mile pace again.  But if I don’t keep on running, I’ll never get there, right?

So far I had Mai Mai being super patient with my slowness (but I think she has given up on me, since our last run was my last outdoor run) and Jenny.  Anyone else wants to slowly jog around the streets of Makati?


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The Mile Challenge…

And then I did this…


I realized that after I did that mile challenge at the bootcamp last year, I never attempted to run a mile, and just a mile, again.

Granted, last year I was in between two marathons, so not only I was much more fit, but I was also taking it easy and not killing myself as I had a training run left that night.

But I got my fastest mile to date:  8:43.

So I hopped on the treadmill with one goal:  to run a mile at less than a 9 min/mile pace. 

And as you can see, I achieved this! 

Granted, it’s not the same as the mile challenge, when I had no Garmin with me, was running by feel, had a slight uphill at the first tenth of the mile, and it was all on roads/sidewalks, first thing in the morning. 

This time, I set the pace on the treadmill so it did the work for me.  I set the elevation at a 0.5 incline so at least it was something, and I admit that at the halfway mark I stopped the damn thing, had a sip of water in the kitchen, blew my nose in the bathroom, then hopped back on.  It wasn’t more than a 1 or 2 minute break, but a break nonetheless (but I was considering quitting the whole thing all together, so a break it was).

Yes, it felt a lot harder than the mile I ran last year, since here I am dragging 20 extra pounds around, and my long runs consist of 3 miles, not 20.  So I’m proud of myself nonetheless, and hope to attempt a mile challenge once a week or two – see where it takes me.

After all, I can’t run faster if I don’t run faster, right?


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