Easy 3

After not running for 2 weeks (blame it on the El Nido vacation, the lack of sleep after I got back due to Lily not doing very well, and pure laziness, I admit), I finally hopped back on the treadmill.  I was scared, of course.  It’s been a while…

But turns out that I did 3 miles, non-stop, at 0.5% incline and a 5.1 speed that I was even able to speed up a bit towards the end, and aside from the usual treadmill boredom, I finished feeling I could go longer (but I didn’t, since I want to get back at it taking it easy, instead of hurting myself).  It’s nice to have an ego-boosting run, specially when it’s been so long since my last run!  I didn’t want to push it on my first day back, so this felt great!


I also tested it my super-cute brand new Saucony Kinvara shoes (that I bought it at a great deal at Shoebuy Private Events – they don’t always have running stuff, but every other week something athletic shows up, worth checking out, specially since it’s not limited to just shoes!). 

I scored them for 45 bucks (they cost between $72-90 at Zappos, so this was an awesome deal!), and figured if I didn’t like them for running, they’d be great travel shoes (so pretty!).


They have a smaller heel to toe drop, encouraging a more midfoot/forefoot strike – I totally need to video myself running to see if it made a difference (my calves are killing me today, so I think it did).


The only problem I had was that they don’t come in wide sizes, and my feet are super super wide, so I have to limit them for shorter runs (don’t laugh, I do plan of having long runs again!  But yeah, right now shorter runs = all runs).  I could see them getting super tight if I tried to do double digits with them though.


But aside from that, my feet felt great, and no pain today, aside from the sore calves.

Have I mentioned I’m off to a Muay Thai class in a few minutes?  This should be interesting…

Oh, and do you think I got red after my run?  Yikes!  (Compare the color of my neck to the face.  Seriously, what is that?)



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2 responses to “Easy 3

  1. Cute shoes! That’s great your run went so well. Welcome back to running. 🙂

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