Muay Thai should DEFINITELY get me in shape!

A new gym opened up near us, and we bought a few groupons to try it out.  Aside from offering circuit training, they offer many different classes, and since I wanted to try things out during the day when Karl is not home, I didn’t have many options aside from zumba or muay thai. 

I figured it’s about time to try something different, since I can’t seem to commit to anything lately.

I tried zumba years ago, and looked like a white-girl dancing and was afraid I might get my Brazilian citizenship revoked if I ever tried that again.  Needless to say, I decided this time to try muay thai.

I was super nervous going to my first class – I never done any type of martial arts and I wasn’t even sure what muay thai really was (aside from the “Thai kickboxing” explanation).  I didn’t even google for fear that I was going to chicken out.  (Hint:  I do not look like the picture below.)


Much to my surprise, I was the ONLY person who signed up for the class, so I basically had one hour personal training session.  The hardest part of the class?  The warm up.  We’re taking jump rope, burpees, push ups, runs, alternating kicks…  But once the looooong warm up is done, there’s a lot of punching and kicking, that though still tiring, they are a lot more fun (turns out I have a pretty strong round kick, but my jump kick?  Couldn’t be more girly if I tried).

So far I’ve only gone to three classes (all of them I was by myself), but each one left me sore for days.  Tomorrow we’re traveling, but I’m hoping next week I can finally make it to three more classes!  The instructor kicks my ass each time, and now I’m really hoping no one else will show up to them…  I’m getting used to the personal training session and having all the attention.

Have you tried a muay thai class or another martial arts class?  Considering my lack of commitment lately to anything else (like bikram, and even running), I’m really hoping muay thai would keep me coming back!

Karl and I also tried their “Rip60” class, which is basically a TRX Suspension Training class – kicked our butts, and we’re definitely going back for more!

So far there has been no change in the scale, but hoping if I keep at it, I’ll finally start getting back into shape.

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