It’s finally Christmas Season!

In our house, anyway.  Christmas season in Manila started back in September, but it was about time we caught up!  After failing to buy a Christmas tree last year, I knew I would have to find a way to get one while we were overseas. 

Due to plain stupidity and tiredness, I said “sure put it in storage” when the movers asked about our xmas stuff, and I arrived in Manila with absolutely no decoration, aside from some ornaments I bought during the after-season sale last year.  Even my tiny 3-foot tree stayed behind. 

But once again we’re hosting Christmas Eve this year (last year we hosted too and ended the night belting out karaoke songs, it was a blast), and I knew there’s no way it would look like a true Christmas dinner if we were lacking a tree…

So off to I went, only to have them tell me that they’re not shipping no tree to DPO (they’re surprisingly REALLY strict with what they ship DPO!  Even Lily’s Halloween costume couldn’t be shipped through it…).  So I was off to, hoping that they would be nicer with their shipping rules.

And nicer they were!  2 weeks later, I got to open this box:


And after going to 5 (!!!) different stores,  I finally had enough lights and ornaments to decorate our tree. 

Since I was used to tiny ornaments for my tiny tree, I definitely erred on the side of small balls (they really only sell balls as ornaments here, at least that’s all I could find after hitting 5 stores for xmas loot, good thing I had bought a few a year ago!), so the tree didn’t look exactly as I hoped.   Jokes aside, I think I needed bigger balls…

To be perfectly honest, during the daytime the tree just looks plain crappy…


But luckily, it looks much better at night!


Now we just need to find a skirt for it, so it doesn’t scream fake, but I rather drag my fake tree from country to country than have to deal about not having a tree at all.  (Plus, let’s face it, I grew up in Brazil, fake tree for me IS Christmas!)


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4 responses to “It’s finally Christmas Season!

  1. I think it looks great! 🙂

  2. Really pretty tree! I didn’t know Walmart shipped internationally. You learn something new everyday. I was in Rio for Christmas/NYE a few years ago. It felt weird to have it be 90’s and December. But after seeing a weather report of how cold it was in DC—I was all good!

    • They probably ship internationally too, but DPO is not considered international (it’s the same system of the military APO for deployed officers — it’s a local US address). It has a few restrictions, and some companies seem to make up their own…

      And Rio for NYE is awesome! Hopefully you were at the beach in Copacabana watching the fireworks!

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