Back from Guam

We had way too many rainy days, but still got to enjoy the beach before we left…


The water was amazingly clear and the visibility was even greater than here in the Philippines…


We snorkeled a lot, and even got to stalk an octopus while he swam from spot to spot, changing colors in less than a second!  So much fun!  We saw another octopus the following day, but he was staying put in his hole, only coming out for a peek.

Sadly, I didn’t want to swim holding the camera the whole time, so there are no pictures of any octopus, but I did take a couple of pictures of pretty fish!  And there were so many!  And so many different types (way more than these pictures show)! 






And of course, let’s not forget one of the highlights of the trip, that out of pure coincidence, Margaret, who I haven’t seen since I left DC in April, was in Guam for work and staying in the same hotel we were!  We only had one day overlap, but it was awesome going out for drinks with her and then stuffing our faces with Brazilian BBQ (the last time she had Brazilian BBQ was with me in Rio, a year ago!).


Ah, yeah, and that whole citizenship thing…  Now I’m officially an American Citizen!  Luckily they have no problems with me also being a Brazilian and a Portuguese citizen (my mom is Portuguese), so I’ll have a collection of passports, even though unless I’m entering Brazil, I have to travel with my US passport from now on (as a Brazilian citizen I’m not allowed to enter Brazil with anything but my Brazilian passport).


We didn’t do much exploring in the island due to the ridiculous amount of rain we encountered.  We actually drove a loop around the island once, then it started to rain, then storm, you could barely see a thing, so even though we probably passed lots of cool historical sites, we stayed in the shelter of our car…

We did go back to The Beach, this amazing new bar right on the beach.  It would totally be my hang out if we were to ever live in Guam.




And we enjoyed an amazing sunset while at The Beach.



Though our night there got cut short when it started pouring again.

After spending another day snorkeling, we went over to Jeff’s Pirates Cove for lunch, before heading back to the airport.  The food wasn’t the greatest, but it was a neat place to chill. 



Karl even got to enjoy a couple of beers while waiting for our flight!


I loved Guam!  I would never have gone if it wasn’t for the citizenship test, but I’m so happy that circumstances put us there, and that Karl was able to take time off and go with me too!  We had a blast, even with the rain.


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10 responses to “Back from Guam

  1. Congrats on the citizenship!!!

    I love your underwater photos. They are just stunning!

  2. Laura

    Congratulations on becoming a US citizen! Thanks again for sharing your experiences and photos with us. I’m putting more and more places on my travel list. Merry Christmas to you and Karl.

    PS – Did any of your DC running group run the Hot Chocolate 15K and tell you what a debacle it was? Be glad you weren’t here for that one!

  3. mm

    Congratulations on your citizenship! Glad you guys had such a good time in Guam too (especially despite the rain!).

  4. Wow! Looks like you had an amazing time! Super jealous! Congrats on the citizenship!

    Are you okay by the way? I saw that the Philippines was hit by a storm!!

  5. Congratulations on your third citizenship!

    Where did you get that dress? You look fantastic. You and Karl look like such a happy couple. 🙂

    As always, great pictures!

    • Funny, I had to look at the pictures to know what you were talking about, I wore a dress everyday. The dress from the beach bar is from Athleta (“sidekick dress” — I bought it on sale months ago, and they don’t sell it anymore, sadly, because I love it, soooooo soft and comfy!)

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