Running Rut & Other Ramblings

I don’t know how dare I post about the running rut I’ve had these last couple of weeks, when since arriving in Manila, it seems like I’ve been dealing with a constant rut.  Sure, I’ve run here and there, but it has been neither consistent nor particularly far.  Only short runs here and there…  Do they even make a difference?

I told Karl that I was really proud of us for going to Guam and really taking advantage of the amazing gym at the Hilton.  He laughed out loud:  we never saw the inside of the gym, nor did our workout clothes ever leave our suitcases…

This week, I’ve gone to two muay thai classes, planning on my third one on Friday, so I’m not a complete bum either, but I haven’t run once (unless you count the 10 minute warm up at the treadmill prior to class – I don’t count it as running when it’s part of something else and less than a mile).

I’m still desperate for a routine.  But with all the traveling we’ve been doing, it’s really hard to fall into one.  Next week, we’re traveling again, the following weekend my parents arrive, the week after that we’re gone for almost 2 weeks…  I’m not complaining about the traveling (hello?  It’s awesome!), but damn, it’s hard to get back into shape.  I haven’t lost weight, and I’m afraid I’ve been gaining some.  It won’t make running any easier either!  Or fitting into the clothes in my closet.  Or feeling good about myself.

How does one even get off a rut that has lasted that long?  Ugh.

I’m also super-home sick this weekend.  For Brazil and my family thanks to Christmas.  After everyone canceled on us for our Christmas Eve celebration, it’ll be just me and Karl – which will be very hard, since that’s the time all my family gets together, and I’ve hosted Christmas Eve in Arlington for the last few years as well, so I always had a crowd around.  At first we were going to have about a dozen people here.  And little by little everyone canceled.  Some people didn’t even reply to our invitation.  (We did get invited to go munch on Christmas cookies that afternoon, and for Christmas lunch at a friends house, but actual Christmas Eve dinner is the tradition in my family, and that will still be lonely, even if Karl is there.)

And I’m also home-sick for DC.  Maybe it was seeing Margaret in Guam, or being in US territory for a bit, but I miss my friends, I miss my old life (but I admit:  I still don’t miss my job one bit, though I do miss the IMF).  I miss biking.  I miss the running trails and training for long distance races.  I miss the stores.  I miss eating good beef.  I really miss driving.  (And by driving I don’t mean what we do here in Manila, bumper to bumper traffic while avoiding jeepneys and pedestrians, but actually being able to press on the gas and not worry about the brakes for a minute or two, you know?)  But heck I DO NOT miss winter, so I better keep things in perspective, no?

So yeah, this week?  Not the best.  Hence the lack of posts – who wants to read me whining?  The only thing worse than whining on a blog post is reading one where the writer is whining.  So things might be quiet this week around here. 

Here’s hoping my mood improves!  And hoping everyone else is having a great week!  (In this case, misery does not love company!)


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15 responses to “Running Rut & Other Ramblings

  1. It gets easier after the first year. 🙂

  2. Hang in there 🙂 Do you have anyone that you can workout with? It always helps if you have a workout buddy. Maybe pick a time and make it a priority to hit the gym or the road on certain days. I know I hate canceling on friends so that forces me out the door at times when I would rather do other things 🙂 Nothing is more frustrating than a workout rut 😦

    Merry Christmas 🙂

    • No one to workout with! I’ve been good at going to the Muay Thai as I register to classes ahead of time and the instructor knows me, but the running thing is tough. I don’t work now, buteveryone does, and people are just in a different schedule. Even with me being flexible it’s hard to coordinate. It doesn’t help that it’s harder to get from one side of town to the other, so it limits only people that live nearby.

      Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. Awwww. I’m so sad for your Xmas eve plans. I hope you guys have a great Christmas despite that.

    As I was reading about your running rut I was thinking that you need a goal. It can be a race or something else, but for me it helps to have something to train for. Maybe challenge yourself to run a mile in a certain time, or run for a certain amount of time without stopping. Just some ideas…

    • I know, I’m bummed about the xmas eve plans too, I like hosting, and it would be the first time we would be hosting something here. It’ll be nice spending it with just Karl, but I like having a crowd around me. Xmas eve for me equates to lots of noise and chatter!

      I DO need a goal. I need to find a race here, and train for that. Nothing has excited me yet. As for running a certain amount of time without stopping, it’s easier said than done! I think 40 minutes has been my limit on the treadmill before trying to kill myself from boredom, and outside is super hot and muggy, and no way to avoid the stopping since I need to cross streets and sidewalks are crowded. Maybe I should challenge myself for another mile again, it’s been a while!

      • Maybe try something other than a running goal. Before I started marathoning I set weight lifting goals. One year I set my sights on being able to do a number of pullups by a given date. Maybe you can do a pushup challenge. Personally, I am much happier when I am working towards something – whether it is a fitness goal or something else like searching for a house or planning a big party.

        Happy Holidays, Carla and Karl!

  4. What about finding a race in another SE Asian country? I just looked at the Angkor Wat Half Marathon (it’s next December) which looks awesome! I bet there’s a lot of cool races around the region…

  5. I can only imagine how hard it must be to find a routine with everything you’ve got going on right now. Just keep the faith that things will figure themselves out soon enough and then you’ll be out of this rut and running to your hearts content!!!

  6. Jen in Utah

    not much wisdom to offer, but hope an “I hear you!” and wishes for a cozy Christmas eve and happy new year to you both, sent from far away, help:)

    well, I will offer one idea for Christmas eve – deliberately embrace your togetherness and have a chill couple’s night. Marathon watch a favorite tv show or movie trilogy, make home-made hot chocolate and buttered popcorn, hunker down with the animal friends and hang out in your pj’s, that kind of thing.

    okay, one more thought:) when I’ve gotten into not-running-ruts (am right now, actually), here’s what I tell myself: I am shaping this as a rest of my life adventure. Plenty of years to let this unfold and grow and change and be different over time. It’s about the lifetime joyful habit, so that helps me ease up on myself when the here and now is not so great!

    • The marathon show might be a good idea. We do that a lot as is, but it’s been a while! I need to get a new series! I am planning a nice but simple dinner (mushroom risotto and meatloaf), and hoping to bake some cookies.

      I am trying to tell myself too that just because I’m on a rut now, it won’t last forever.

  7. I haven’t had Christmas with family since 2005. It does get easier. The thing that helped me the most was creating our own traditions. You can incorporate things from yours and Karl’s families and make something unique that only you guys do. Merging our family’s food traditions was fun, Seafood Salad on Christmas Eve; waffles on Christmas morning.

    We also like to do one Christmas Day event that is unique to where we are living. In Alaska, we went cross country skiing and visited the Musk Ox farm. Last Christmas here in California, we went hiking along the ocean.

    • The Christmas Day event is a really good idea! We do have lunch plans then with friends of ours, so we can’t go explore much, but that would actually had been nice. As for family’s tradition, mine is to eat “bacalhau” (dried cod fish). I could find it in the US, but there’s definitely not enough Portuguese influence here that they’d sell it (not that I even know how to make the thing!).

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