10 days!!!!

Back in May (MAY PEOPLE!) I wrote this post about visitors that were coming to Manila, at that time, my friend Liz and my parents had already booked their tickets.  Liz already stopped by, and we took the awesome El Nido trip, but in 10 days (!!!) my parents are finally arriving in town! (I haven’t seen them since April, and will likely not see them for at least another year…)

They’re staying with us almost a whole month, and for almost 2 weeks, we’ll be traveling around Asia!

This is scary and exciting.  Scary as I haven’t taken a trip with my parents since I was 18, and it will also be the longest I’ve been away from Lily, the troublemaker-with-constant-health-issues dog.  Exciting as it’s my mom’s first time in Asia, and also my first time visiting 3 new countries:  Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam!

If you’re too lazy to click on that link on top, these are our stops…

Bangkok for some of this…

Chiang Mai for some of this…

(Seriously, people, put me on top of an elephant, cover me with puppies and kittens, and I might just die of happiness right there.)

Siem Reap for this…

Ho Chi Minh was a last minute addition.  The travel agent was wondering if a 2 hour layover in Vietnam was enough for our flight back to Manila, I asked Karl about it, and he said “2 hours?  Let’s make it 2 days and visit!” and we extended our trip and added a new country to our itinerary!

Ho Chi Minh (if you never heard of it, you likely have heard of its former name, Saigon), is a city with lots of shopping and a bit of history.


My parents arrive in 10 days, and in exactly 2 weeks from now, we’ll be off to Bangkok for the first leg of our adventure!  Now lets hope I can fit everything in a carry-on…


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10 responses to “10 days!!!!

  1. You are so lucky your parents travel with you!

  2. I did two weeks with my mom and I in Cambodia (the Motherland)…drove me nuts after a week! But, traveling when you’re 18 compared to now is a different story. You will LOVE all three countries plus the food is awesome (and cheap!).

  3. Nomads By Nature

    Have an awesome time — I am jealous of your itinerary!! And you will have a wonderful time discovering all with your parents! A fabulous way to start 2012 and a great gift to each other!

  4. OMG – I think you have described my ultimate animal-lover fantasy with the riding-on-an-elephant-covered-in-puppies-and-kittens image! I LOVE riding on elephants – ask to ride without a saddle if it’s an option. So amazing! Have a blast with your parents!!

    • Right? This will be my first time riding an elephant, and the place I booked is without a saddle! (It’s called Ran-Tong Elephant Training, which is similar to Patara but for half the price) It also seems that there is a place called Tiger Kingdom where you can play with tiger cubs. I might just die of happiness in this trip!

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