Today we’re off to Singapore for New Year’s Eve!

We will be visiting the fabulous Traci, who was Karl’s classmate during his          A-100 training at the State Department.  It’s our first time in Singapore, and that will mark the 6th new country/territory we visited this year!  Including the United States, we will complete 2011 having been to 8 (!!!) countries/territories this year!  (US, Brazil, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore!)

My “Where I’ve Been” page has definitely been busy with updates! 

And to add to the excitement, a new box arrived through our DPO yesterday, carrying my Fitbit!  It’s teeny tiny! 



I don’t know why every time I post a picture of my hands they look like man hands?  I don’t have tiny hands, but they’re not manly either!  (They just look like old lady’s hands, but that’s ok.)  My ring finger is 5.5 size, and the ring is loose since I got gigantic knuckles, see, not man hands! 

Anyways…  I’m excited to see how much we actually walk on vacation.  We usually walk everywhere because we find that’s the best way to explore a new city, so hopefully the Fitbit agrees!  (Of course, we counteract all that walking by eating, since that’s part of exploring a new country as well…) 

I already took the elevator down to the 6th floor of our building – basically the first residential/non-garage floor – and took the stairs up!  I about died on my way up to the 19th floor, but yay, it recorded my ascent!  Sounds totally dumb, but I can see myself doing this everyday, since now it “counts” (I know, I know, it always counts, but still…)

Since I won’t be posting again until 2012 (ready with Singapore pictures!), have a very happy new year, everyone!


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4 responses to “Singapore!

  1. Laura

    Happy Happy New Year to Karl and you! Have a blast in Singapore!!

  2. You got me all intrigued, and I went on Amazon and fell in love with the idea, and two days later my pretty new pink Fitbit is getting set up on my computer!! Thanks for sharing – I hope it’s the motivation I need for 2012!

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