Vote for my picture!

Sure, sure, here I am posting asking for votes.  I don’t actually get anything for it, but my amazing photographers do (and they really are amazing, check out my wedding tab for some of the pictures).

They now have two of my pictures on the contest (all you have to do is click on this link, put your email, validate it and vote, it takes like 2 minutes, no need to set up account, is just validating your email to make sure you’re not just faking it to give extra votes).

Anyway, click on this link to vote for this picture: 

And this link to vote for this picture: 

And if you vote, thank you thank you thank you!  They need a couple of hundred votes if they want to win it (and we only have a couple of dozen now…)  I think the contest closes today.


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5 responses to “Vote for my picture!

  1. Voted friend! I voted for the first pic, but they both are AHHHH-MAZING! Good luck!

  2. Jen

    done! lovely pictures.
    btw, wore my pink pearls yesterday for my 39th birthday, thanks again!

    • Thanks! And glad you liked them! Pink pearls are now my go-to gift from the Philippines, they’re classic enough that everyone likes them, but slightly different enough that you probably already don’t have them!

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