Marina Bay

One of my favorite areas in Singapore was also what is likely the most touristy:  Marina Bay.  I already posted a few pictures of it here and there, but it’s worth emphasizing its coolness!

The skyline is beautiful, you can walk around the water doing a full 3.5km loop admiring the view (and there are a bunch of little bars and coffee shops if you’re being lazy) and the Marina Bay Sands building, only open for the last 1.5 years, takes a prime spot.  You can’t deny that the building is impressive! 

We went to Marina Bay during the daytime and at night, and both gave us gorgeous views!

On NYE the lights were the most impressive (sadly, it was not as colorful the rest of the days).

Marina Bay Sands on New Year’s Eve


The famous Merlion…




DNA bridge on the left, Marina Bay Sands and the Science Museum (the flower looking thing on the right)


Inside the Singapore Flyer…


Incredible view from the Flyer


DNA bridge lit up at night!


The skyline, with the Science Museum on the left



I LOVE LOVE LOVE these next few pictures!  I love how pretty the reflection looks!  (None of these pictures were edited – I have no skills to edit photos, sadly – it really is this cool looking in person!)




The Merlion at night (and if you’re wondering it’s basically mermaid + lion, you know?).



Singapore was a really cool city, but life there is EXPENSIVE.  We are definitely spoiled by living in Manila – sure, we don’t have as many cool neighborhoods here, nor an impressive skyline, but heck, we save so much money by not spending a fortune every time we eat out, that it allows us to travel and explore places like Singapore! 

Singapore is not as clean as I was made believe (the whole “no chewing gum” thing can fool you), but it’s no doubt the cleanest city in Southeast Asia (definitely NOT the cleanest city I’ve ever been to though).  It is super organized, very developed and crime is virtually non-existent. 

It should definitely go on your travel list!


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5 responses to “Marina Bay

  1. Again…gorgeous!!! I think any of those reflection pictures would be beautiful enlarged and put on canvas.

  2. I loved Marina Bay when we went!! We ate at hawkers so the food was really cheap, but everything else is so expensive!

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