And we’re off!

If all goes according to plan, at this time tomorrow we will be in Bangkok, starting our 2-week long trip!  Bangkok until Monday, then Chiang Mai (OMG the elephants, and yes, I won’t stop talking about it because how can I?), Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh!  Add 3 more countries to the list – woot!

I have a feeling internet connection will be iffy, so it might be quiet around these parts, but I promise I’ll share some pictures when I can, and needless to say I’ll share a crapload of pictures when we get back!


My mom is feeling uneasy about the whole riding elephants thing, but hopefully it will all go well!  (And yes, my parents arrived in Manila ok, and I’ve been busy showing them around for the last few days!)


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2 responses to “And we’re off!

  1. Have an AWESOME trip – I’m very jealous!!

  2. I’m super behind on blog reading, but I’m just catching up now. I hope you have an awesome time on your trip and I can’t wait to see the pictures and read all about it when you get back!

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