OMG! Tigers!

Lots and lots of pictures to share from Bangkok later, but this morning we arrived in Chiang Mai (and back to having wifi, yay!), and this is how we spent our afternoon…



















Yes, if I was this happy playing with tigers for an hour at Tiger Kingdom, I can’t even imagine how my heart won’t explode of happiness tomorrow when I get to spend the day with elephants!  I don’t even care how fat my arms look in the pictures, I am still too giddy from the experience!


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19 responses to “OMG! Tigers!

  1. Oh wow, I’m so jealous. They are beautiful!

  2. wrightsolution

    Wow! I’ve always wanted to do that…I can’t believe that you can actually hang out with tigers. That just went on my bucket list!

    • When I booked the Chiang Mai trip I was all about the elephants and had no clue that there was a place like this! I only found out 2 weeks ago, and knew I had to go there! It wasn’t cheap ($40/person to play with the small, smallest and big tigers), but TOTALLY worth it!

  3. Oh wow! It makes me nervous looking at these pics! First thought was Segfried and Roy. But, glad that you are having a great time in SE Asia! It’s freezing in DC and you guys are in shorts and tees!

    • We started with the “small” tigers (the first few pics), since they were only 6 months old — and they were HUGE. We were a bit nervous, but by the time we reached the big tigers we were fine. There is always a handler per tiger, making sure it’s keeping it under control (they’re pretty comfortable with them) and making sure you don’t do anything stupid (like petting its face — a big no no, as you don’t want all 150 kilos of them to start playing with you).

  4. Nomads By Nature

    Definitely a magical hour!! The photos are fabulous — I’m jealous!

  5. Amazing! I would love to do that. What were their personalities like?

    • They were pretty chill, the babies were mostly sleeping, it seems like feeding time it’s when they are active but the big tigers were moving around. They liked having their belly rubbed, and they wanted to play (but the handlers were pretty good at distracting them).

  6. Laura

    Wow – I can’t even tell you how envious I am that you got to pet and play with tigers. They are such beautiful creatures! And $40 is so worth it for that experience. I’m so happy that you are having such a great time. Enjoy the elephants!!

    • I thought $40 was worth it too! Specially when you can tell the tigers are well fed, well treated and happy. People have mixed feelings about places like this, but considering how tigers are poached in the wild, having them being bred in captivity and interacting with humans to preserve the species doesn’t seem like a bad deal, you know?

  7. OMG that looks entirely and completely AMAZING! What an awesome unexpected find!! $40 is so totally worth it for the experience. The tigers do look well taken care of. I especially love the shot of all the hands – perfect for framing! Enjoy your elephants tomorrow :-).

    • It really was amazing! The tigers were definitely taken care of and seemed fat and happy! Plus, on the pictures they all look like they’re staying still — they were not (specially the big tigers, the babies were mostly sleeping), the trainers would just not let us approach any unless they were sitting/lying down. Their fear is not necessarily them attacking us, but them trying to play with us (which would not end up well — if a little cat can scratch you up during play time, imagine a big cat!).

      And the hands was with a 3 month old tiger! The adults’ paws were ENORMOUS!

  8. mm

    That is absolutely incredible! Definitely an experience you’ll neer forget – I’m jealous!!

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