A day at Ayutthaya

Since we were in Bangkok for so many days, we took a day trip to the ruins of Ayutthaya, an hour or so from Bangkok.  We hired Tour with Tong for the excursion, since with the four of us it would be a lot easier to have a car with a tour guide (I highly recommend them, by the way).



I read about Ayutthaya ahead of time, and was warned that if you’ve been to Siem Reap, Ayutthaya is far from impressive.  Since we were hitting Siem Reap later in the trip, we were not worried but now that I’ve been to both, I agree.  Ayutthaya is pretty cool, but definitely not the as impressive as Siem Reap.

But the tree with the statue head is definitely pretty cool!












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2 responses to “A day at Ayutthaya

  1. Hi, Carla! I want to go to Bangkok, Ayutthaya and then Sieam Reap. I have six days to do this, is it possible?

    • I think it is! One day in Ayutthaya is enough (do a day trip from Bangkok, you’ll be back before nighttime), as for Siem Reap, you can see everything in one full day (it’ll be tiring, but it’s what we did). So spend 3-4 days in Bangkok, including the day trip to Ayutthaya, then fly to Siem Reap, rest up and next day see all the temples (I recommend hiring a tour guide or tuk-tuk to drive you from spot to spot to make the most out of your day), then fly home the following day.

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