Having fun with Diptic

You may have checked out my Where I’ve Been page before, and noticed that I usually pick one or two pictures for each place I’ve been to not to overload the page (and I still need to update with lots of old photos in my old hard drive).

But sometimes it really really sucks having to pick just one picture!  And now that I finally have my iPhone with me, I’ve been of course playing around with new apps (remember when I first posted about caving and getting one, weeks after I actually ordered it online?).

One of my favorites?  Diptic!  It’s not a free app, but I’ve been loving it! 

So I’ve been using to (slowly) update my Where I’ve Been page!

Check it out!

First I had fun with wedding pictures…



Then I finally started playing with my vacation pictures…

Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai!


Elephant riding in Chiang Mai!


Seoul, Korea


Busan, Korea


Bohol, Philippines


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Taipei, Taiwan


El Nido, Philippines




Any other cool picture apps I should know about?  (I have instagram and Camera+ but they haven’t been as exciting as Diptic!)

I think some of these pictures even deserve to be printed, no?


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13 responses to “Having fun with Diptic

  1. R

    Try — Color Effects, PopBooth, Framestastic, Flixlab.

  2. Laura

    Yes – print those pictures! They are awesome. One of these days I’ll have to break down and get an iPhone.

  3. Nomads By Nature

    I love the picture compilations! Wish there was a computer way to do it — I still live without many techy things – no i-pad, no i-phone … I may have to cave, just for this application.

  4. I’ve been thinking about downloading this app. I love the way it lets you put lots of pictures together in one to save space. Plus they look cool!

  5. I am normally very stingy and refuse to pay for apps, but your gorgeous displays convinced me to splurge. I’m $1 poorer now thanks to you 🙂

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