Yum, Bohemian Spa Wafers!

I know, I know, between travel and (lack of) running, talking about wafers all of a sudden might sound confusing.  But remember these friends of mine, Tomas and Lenka?  They just started their own company selling Czech wafers in the US, called Bohemian Spa Wafers.  And they sent me TWO free boxes (yay!).  At no point they mentioned saying anything about it on the blog, but I tried it, loved it, so why not share here?  Maybe that way I can get more free wafers?  (I kid!)  (Sorta)

Web Boxs4a

I’ll be honest, I saw their website and checked the price for a box.  $7.99 for a box of wafers?  Ouch!

But then, I got the box home and these things are HUGE.  Like bigger than my face huge.


Now 8 wafers, each bigger than my face (and I don’t have a particularly small head) for $7.99 no longer sounds like a bad deal, right?

And the most exciting part?  They were DELICIOUS!  Light and airy and super yummy.  Tomas gave me both the hazelnut and coconut flavors to try, and the hazelnut was my favorite!  (My parents and Karl munched on them too and also loved them!)

Right now you can read more about them or buy them online through this link or if you live in the DC area, it’s on sale at a few stores (with hopefully more to come in other areas).  Check them out!  They come in hazelnut, coconut, chocolate and cinnamon (and you can get all four flavors for about $28).  Or like them on facebook as they’ve been posting trivia questions once in a while, and you get a chance to win a free box or two if you’d like to try them as well (yes, I’ve been totally answering the trivia.  Again, yum!).

If you’ve tried them before let me know what you think!  (Or even if you heard of them before – I had never heard of these wafers until Tomas introduced me to it.  And yum!)

Update:  Tomas read what I wrote and is sending me more flavors to try!  Score!


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2 responses to “Yum, Bohemian Spa Wafers!

  1. Stuart & Alison

    Hiya,just found your blog and spent most of the afternoon reading about your experience moving to Manila. My wifw and I are hoping to find out next week if I will be transferred with work to run the business there. Your blog has got both of us excited.

    We are both Aussies currently living in New Zealand looking forward to our next journey.

  2. Interesting Post! I am very thankful to you for sharing this.

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