U.S. Visit!

Yes, we booked it, and this year we’ll be visiting the US!  (Along with Palau and Indonesia – and hopefully more?)

At first, when we knew the R&R location for Manila was Sydney, Australia, there was no doubt:  we want to go to Sydney!  But then we started getting a bit homesick, missing our family and friends.  So we changed our plans…  We can always visit Australia another time, but this year, we want to see the people that matter to us.

(If you don’t know what R&R is, it means rest and relaxation.  You get it at hardship posts, and Manila is considered a hardship – far from the US, polluted, etc.)

I wanted to go to DC and see my family (my parents will be visiting my sister at that time), Karl wanted to go to Charleston, to see his best friend, and to Seattle, to see his family.  So that’s exactly what we’re doing!

Charleston will be our first stop, where we’ll get to see these guys (minus Roque, on the left – unless we can persuade him to come too? — and plus another baby!):


Then we’re off to DC where I’ll see my family and my amazing friends and running group (I’ll get there in time for a Wednesday run too!  Woot!):


And lastly, we’re hitting Seattle to see Karl’s family!


We’re staying a total of 2 weeks – it’ll be quick and tiring, but rewarding all the same!

Now DC folks, clear your schedule and get ready to see us!  We’ll be staying there from August 1 to 5! 

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